Vehicle registration fee increases by $2

BAR HARBOR — The service fee for registering a motor vehicle in Bar Harbor has gone up by $2, per vote of Town Council Tuesday. The new fees go into effect immediately.

The service fee is collected by the town to cover the costs of processing of new vehicle registrations and renewals, Finance Director Stan Harmon said in a Sept. 19 memo.

The service fee for registering a new car used to be $4, and the service fee for renewals was $3. Following the vote, these amounts are $6 and $5, respectively.

“These fees have nothing to do with the excise fees collected reaching over $1 million per year,” Harmon wrote, “as excise taxes collected are based on the value of the vehicle.”

The $2 fee increase was allowed by passage of a new state law which took effect on Sept. 19. According to Knight, this is the first service fee increase allowed by the Legislature in 20 years.

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