UMA offers financial literacy course for high schoolers 

AUGUSTAThe University of Maine at Augusta is offering an online financial literacy course for Maine high school students. David Leach, a retired state government financial regulatory employee and a UMA lecturer since 2002, will be the lead instructor. 

“This is a 10-week lifechanging course, which provides the essential information on must-know financial topics for young adults,” said Leach. “The topics of banking, establishing and maintaining credit, responsible borrowing, personal budgeting, investing and insurance will all be addressed in this online course.”  

The weekly three-credit course begins on May 10 and run through July 12. Students will take part in online classes with Leach and a host of other experts in the financial services and regulatory fields. Weekly online quizzes and a final exam will allow students to apply the knowledge they gain in the course to real-life scenarios.  

“This is the course that adults universally believe should be offered to high school students in the United States, and at the University of Maine at Augusta, we have created such a course,” remarked Leach. “Auto buying and financing, the responsible use of credit cards, the ABCs of home buying, along with gaining a working understanding of insurance, investing and living within a budget are all essential skill sets for a productive financial future.”  

The class is limited to 75 students. Students interested in registering for the course can visit or email [email protected] to learn more about the program and how to apply 

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