Tremont residents raise their hands to pass the school budgets during the annual town meeting on May 10. ISLANDER PHOTO BY NINAH REIN

Tremont residents approve LUO changes

TREMONT — Aside from Mount Desert, which does not allow new campgrounds, Tremont now has the most stringent campground restrictions in Hancock County. 

In addition to a $3,148,493 FY23 school budget, all town warrant articles passed, including two articles that will regulate campground development. Town officials were also elected this week. 

On Monday, May 9, voters, with a tally of 251 to 70, amended the town’s land use ordinance (LUO) and amended the site plan review pertaining to campground rules by a vote of 252 to 74. The amendments include changes to minimum site size, setback requirements and contain enhanced definitions. 

At the town’s election, Jamie Thurlow was reelected to the Select Board for a three-year term after receiving 181 votes to Jayne Ashworth’s 149. Thurlow currently serves as chairman of the board.  

Jessica Bass received 264 votes and will serve a three-year term on the Tremont School Committee. A write-in candidate who got 39 votes, Diedre Rigby, was elected to serve on the Mount Desert Island High Schools Board of Trustees. 

An article to allow the sale of malt liquor and wine at licensed establishments on Sundays passed with 230 votes. 

The town approved a municipal and school budget with a combined increase of 4.6 percent at town meeting on May 10. The increase was primarily due to a 4.8 percent school budget increase. The town’s municipal budget remained largely unchanged from the previous year.  

“This is just a side comment, but I used to teach school here years ago,” said Lighthouse Road resident Steven Keiser in a discussion about the school’s increased budget, which included an Article 9 vote to authorize $612,710 for facilities maintenance.  

“At some point this town has to step back and think for 109 students if it makes sense to be spending $37,000 per student; we need to think if this makes economic sense for this community.”  

The school’s increased facilities maintenance budget, which was $307,749 last year, included one-time costs for paving the playground, chimney repair and space needs. 

Ninah Rein

Ninah Rein

Writer at Mount Desert Islander
Ninah Rein, an MDI native, covers the town of Bar Harbor. She is glad to be back in Maine after earning a bachelor's degree in San Diego from the University of California.

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