Tremont Community Center changes

TREMONT – Changes to how residents can access the Tremont Community Center are in the works.

Town Manager Dana Reed told selectmen Tuesday that identification badges will be issued and users will have to sign an agreement that they will comply with a set of rules still under development. One requirement will be that the building cannot be used for profit, he said.

Reed said the “big issue” was the recent use by the Barn Arts Collective for their production of “Cabaret.” After the town’s code enforcement officer issued a stop work order preventing the show from going on in a boat storage shed in Tremont, the theater group moved into the community center, scheduling six shows on two consecutive weekends. Their use of the building “drew some controversy” and ended abruptly when it was discovered the group damaged town property.

“After the first weekend, we had some problems, and I told them they couldn’t use the building anymore,” Reed said.

Currently, residents sign for their use of the center and get the key at Gott’s Store.

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