Damage appears to be minimal after this maple tree toppled onto a house on Route 3 in Trenton during Wednesday's wind and rain storm.

Tree topples onto Trenton House

TRENTON – High winds during Wednesday’s torrential rainstorm toppled a large maple tree onto a house on Route 3 in Trenton.

Owner Daniel Cutshall said his teenage daughter was home when the tree went over landing primarily on the roof of the front porch. “It did make a big bang but it could have been worse,” she said.

On Thursday morning, Daniel Cutshall said he was waiting for workers to finish cutting the tree up before he could fully assess the damage. “It doesn’t look too bad. It may not be worth filing a claim with the deductible and all. I lost a few shingles on the side of the house too,” he said.

When the tree fell its entire root system and a foot of earth flipped up like the lid on a box. The two-foot deep hole rapidly filled with water.

Had the tree, which was located at the end of the driveway at the busy road, fallen in the opposite direction it would have taken out numerous electrical and utility lines and blocked both lanes of traffic.

Earl Brechlin

Earl Brechlin

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