Trap trawl compromise

ELLSWORTH — A new, compromise plan to ban lobster trap trawls longer than five traps each in an offshore area is headed to the rulemaking process in the Department of Marine Resources. A public hearing on the change is set for Feb. 4 at 5 p.m. at Ellsworth High School.

“In October 2018, a new trawl limit area was established at the request of the Zone B Council,” a statement from DMR announcing the hearing said.

“DMR was aware that there was potential to refine the area described by the new trawl limit to better meet the needs of Zone B and Zone C fishermen fishing there. The Department held meetings with fishermen from Zone B and Zone C to determine what changes to the area were advisable. At their January 2019 meeting, the Zone B Council supported the Department’s proposal to amend this area in accordance with the changes proposed through the meetings that were held. The proposed rule also eliminates the sunset on the original area.”

The full text of the proposed rule, and chart of affected areas, is online at Follow links for “Laws and Regulations” and “Proposed Rulemaking.”

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