Town’s water line to be extended

SOUTHWEST HARBORSome residents on Marshall Brook Road may soon have access to the town’s water supply.  

Lee Worcester, vice president of Worcester Associates, sent a letter to the Southwest Harbor Water and Sewer District in May regarding a 2,600-foot water main extension that will begin on Long Pond Road and go to Marshall Brook Road to service six properties there.  

In a conversation with the Islander, Worcester explained residents of Marshall Brook Road have complained about their water quality for several years. They attribute the poor quality to a neighboring defunct landfill owned by Worcester Associates, which was last used for municipal solid waste in the mid-1980s and construction waste in 1992, according to Worcester.  

“Everybody points a finger at this, but nobody has proven it,” said Worcester, adding that tests have been conducted on the residents’ wells. “They show the water flows towards the landfill, not away from it.” 

Even though the Department of Environmental Protection has been involved, Worcester said there has been no legal action taken by them. It was at the suggestion of the DEP that access to the public water supply would resolve issues with the residents.  

“It seemed to lift all of the concerns of the DEP if we ran public water supply down there,” said Worcester to the water and sewer district board of trustees during a meeting last week.  

Town Manager Justin VanDongen, who is also a member of the board of trustees, asked if there are other properties in the area of Marshall Brook Road interested in a public water supply.  

“Can we survey them to see who’s interested so we know what size main to put in there?” he asked during the meeting.  

Worcester Associates is planning a two-inch water main from Long Pond, across several properties, including the Eastern Maine Recycling property, which the organization also owns. In the letter to the district, the organization is asking the district if they would like to have an eight-inch main attached to the extension for future use by other property owners or a fire hydrant. 

“We have several of those and they become quite nightmarish,” said district manager Steve Kenney said during the meeting. “I hate two-inch lines. I hate multiple uses off them.” 

VanDongen asked if there were standards for water lines before they can be extended.  

“I don’t have standards for cross country,” said Kenney. “I would use the same standards as a road. I’ll dig those up and get those to everybody.” 

Worcester Associates is working to initiate the project this year. 

“Marshall Brook Road is not near any public water lines,” said Worcester in a conversation with the Islander. “I have a lot of work I have to do. I would love to be able to complete it this year. A lot will depend on how quickly things are able to fall into line.” 









Sarah Hinckley

Sarah Hinckley

Former Islander reporter Sarah Hinckley covered the towns of Southwest Harbor, Tremont and neighboring islands.

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