A cell-phone tower disguised as a giant Eastern white pine in Otter Creek. A "monopine"-style tower may be installed on the grounds of the KOA Woodlands campground in Town Hill. ISLANDER FILE PHOTO

Town Hill cell tower

BAR HARBOR — Verizon Wireless hopes to install a 125-foot “monopine”-style communication tower on land leased from the KOA Woodlands campground in Town Hill.

The town’s Planning Board was set to conduct an initial “completeness” review of the application at their June 7 meeting.

The company said they plan to conduct a “visual impact survey,” with photo simulations showing how the tower would appear from roadways and other high-traffic spots. “We find it is helpful to obtain guidance from the board with regard to possible locations of concern prior to conducting the visual impact survey,” they wrote.

The applicants are requesting a modification of a rule requiring that wireless communications towers be sited 1,500 feet from schools or day care centers. The proposed location is within 900 feet of such a facility. Applicants argue that radio frequency emissions from the tower will be very low, 1.63 percent of the Federal Communications Commission’s maximum exposure limit.

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