Tools stolen from Tremont Consolidated School

TREMONT — During their first meeting since the start of the school year, Tremont School Committee members discussed a burglary that recently took place on school grounds.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department was called to the school on Sept. 8 when it was discovered that the woodshop had been broken into and several tools were missing.

Principal Jandrea True informed members of the school committee of what had taken place and what was done to handle the situation.

“Something that is important for you folks to know is that we just had the sheriff here a few minutes ago,” said True. “We discovered that somebody had broken in and stolen a bunch of tools.”

Missing from the school’s woodshop are a variety of hand tools and handheld power tools. The realization that the shop had been burgled did not occur until children in the woodshop program were on their way to the shop.

“We had kids who were here after school today to participate in woodshop, and what they got instead was listening to…a conversation with the principal and the shop director talking to the sheriff,” said True. “That’s not what this place is for.”

The principal is working to put together a list of what exactly was taken to get to the Sheriff’s Department but encourages anyone who sees tools for sale to take note. Stolen items consist of a variety of handheld Milwaukee brand power tools and drill bits.

“Please help us just be the eyes and ears of the school right now,” said True. “If we see something funny, something sounds funny, if you’ve noticed this, or if you’re on [a Facebook group] Barter and Swap, and you notice a bunch of Milwaukee tools that are on there, yeah, please let us know.”

The principal and the committee discussed what the next steps might be going forward from the burglary, and what measures can be taken to ensure the safety of the school grounds and property from more theft.

The board discussed getting security cameras for the school grounds to at least be able to put a face to the crime if this were to happen again. Cameras have been discussed before, but never actually implemented. To be implemented, the issue would likely go before the town’s Select Board.

“In all honesty, I don’t feel like we can wait any longer to have the conversation,” said True.

True spoke about the support that the school has felt from the Tremont community after this unsettling occurrence.

“The Tremont community has been pretty remarkable in terms of reaching out,” True said.


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Malachy Flynn

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