To 72 great, local sixth graders (and their aspirations): 

Maine College Circle recognizes that the last few months have been full of challenges, but you all did such a great job on your 2020 MDI Future of Eastern Maine College Aspirations Scholarship applications that we just couldn’t choose a few of you. So, we decided to recognize all of you for your great effort and aspirations, and to award all of you a smaller MDI Future of Eastern Maine scholarship. Every single one of your essays exceeded our expectationsEach one of you expressed genuine hopes and dreams — embedded in your clear expression of aspirations.  

We don’t award these scholarships to be nice, or because we have too much money. We do this because we believe that you can help build a brighter future for our communities, our state, or country and our world. The efforts and aspirations of your entire group are great cause for celebration for MDI and Trenton.  

Your favorite words were defenestrate,” discombobulate,” eh,” and trust.  

Your colleges were SpaTechMITSUNY-DelhiDigiPenUCFBCUCLAMECAApp StateStanfordUMaineCOAMMARISDHarvey MuddJuilliardEmbry RiddleHussonYale and many more.  

You aspire to build carbon negative automobiles, to save our oceans, to stop war, to help us reach the moon, to make mod packs like Yeetto be a blacksmith, an insect zookeeper, a teacher, a baker, a marine biologist, a theoretical physicistan epidemiologist and a future star of the Red Sox.  

You wanted Albert Einstein and Tacko Fall and Pumba and Jacksepticeye and Septimus Heap for your college roommate. 

You can redeem your scholarship at any point – when you enroll in college, when you are exploring college options, or you can redeem it starting tomorrow for a resource or educational program that can help you pursue your aspirations. You just need to contact Bob Stuart at Maine College Circle. 

Congratulations from the MDI Future of Eastern Maine program supporters and scholarship funders and those of us who read your great essays. They include: Machias Savings Bank, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust, First National Bank, Dead River Company, The Jackson Laboratory, The Jesup Memorial Library, The Swan Agency, Julie Vittum, Jack Frost, Ruth EvelandCarolyn Todd, Lisa Morrissette, Hook Wheeler, Erica Brooks, Julie Meltzer, Bayard Brokaw, Anne Dalton, Kristin Blanchette, Nick Turner, CJ Moody, Nancy Eddy, Carol Rosinski, Linda Fuller, Vicky Stoneman, Michaela Marden and Bob Stuart of Maine College Circle. 

Congratulations to the recipients: 

Conners Emerson School 

Melanie Alley-Nicholls 

Audrey Austin 

Geoffrey Beane 

Willa Bond 

Kelly Bremer 

Mabel Bureau 

Kayden Cote 

Annabel Curry 

Ruby DeMuro 

Takoda Dionne 

Porter Graham 

Holden Hansen 

Davin Lyman 

Kieren Murphy 

Rowan Preston-Schreck 

Alessandro Robledo 

Klarissa Robledo 

Fred Sebelin 

Peighton Skeate 

Charlotte Stanley 

Colin Sullivan 

Bodie Tapley 

Max Webster 

Aiden Wisniewski 

Sawyer Worcester 

Angela Zhang 


Mount Desert Elementary School 

Svante Anastasia 

Ira Boatright 

Hayden Brophy 

Graham Carter 

Joseph Cistone 

Sebastien Cullen 

Phoebe Dunbar 

Cameron Graham 

Spencer Grierson 

Seneca Haney 

William Homer 

Cole Lessard 

Tyson Long 

Rowan Miller 

Autumn Moody 

Lillian Norwood 

Sydney Oczkowski 

Nate Olson 

Alex Roos 

Finley Rushing 

Cecelia Whitehead 


Pemetic School 

Jayden Cata 

Alexander Donahue 

Emma Gosselin 

Benjamin Ingram 

Eli Inman 

Abbie Johnston 

Edmund Kelly 

Sophia Lanpher 

Mason Lapointe 

Cora Lester 

Bos Lisy 

Stanislaus Mays 

Alanna Murphy 

Kelsea Noyes 

Lylah Wagstaff 


Tremont Consolidated School 

Lolietta Ellis 

Olivia Fonseca 

Meadow Gilley 

Allibeth Horner 

Isaiah Rhiel 

Pixie Urquhart-Asbury 


Trenton Elementary School 

Willa Dow 

Lily Guess 

Maddie Marks 

Aerie Yin 








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