Thurlow elected board chair

TREMONT — It took three meetings, but the Board of Selectmen has finally voted in Jamie Thurlow as chair.

Last month, Thurlow defeated Morgan Black, 157-21, to win reelection to another term. Selectmen met for two regular meetings following the Town Meeting election, but at each meeting one of the members was absent, leaving four remaining board members who were unwilling to vote in a chair without a full board.

At the first meeting that followed town meeting, Thurlow was absent. The four remaining selectmen were uncertain about voting Thurlow in as chair but did vote Mike Mansolilli in as the vice chair.

Instead, the board agreed to elect Kevin Buck as temporary chair, effective until the evening before the next meeting.

When the board met on June 2, Howdy Goodwin was absent and members of the board were again hesitant to elect a chair without all selectmen present. As vice chair, Mansolilli chaired that meeting.

On Monday, after Mansolilli called the meeting to order, Goodwin sad he thought that Thurlow ought to become chair, “if he’s willing.”

“I think that I’m willing to do it as long as everybody is on the same page,” said Thurlow. “As long as we work together as a group, that’s the most important thing.”

He asked the members of the board what they thought.

“It’s up to you,” both Buck and McKenzie Jewett said.

“You’ve got a few years under your belt,” said Mansolilli. “It’s a good opportunity to let you try it out … and lead the town.”

Discussion then turned to whether Mansolilli should resign as vice chair so the entire board could vote again on that position.

Goodwin reminded the board he had made a motion to elect Thurlow as chair.

“I will do it,” said Thurlow. “I’ll just ask that I have assistance from Kevin, as I need it. He’s done a great job.”

All five members voted in favor of the new leader.

Buck, Jewett and Thurlow all suggested Mansolilli resign and a re-vote be taken on the vice chair position.

“It’s in Mike’s lap,” said Jewett. “If he’s willing to give up the chair and do a revote.”

Mansolilli opted to remain as the vice chair. No additional vote was needed.

Sarah Hinckley

Sarah Hinckley

Former Islander reporter Sarah Hinckley covered the towns of Southwest Harbor, Tremont and neighboring islands.

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