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From the April 5, 2007 Mount Desert Islander

Lobster price spike

A price spike had local lobstermen selling their catch for record prices.

The tasty crustaceans were fetching $10 per pound, $11 for jumbos weighing two pounds or more.

Fishermen were elated although they didn’t expect prices to remain at that level for long.

No art for you

Voters in Trenton were facing a decision on cutting arts education and staff at the Trenton Elementary School at their upcoming special town meeting.

The proposed school budget included eliminating funds for an art teacher, a special education ed-tech and two clerical positions.

Loss of consolidation control

Town officials in Bar Harbor, Mount Desert and the Cranberry Isles agreed to voice their opposition to Gov. John Baldacci’s plan to consolidate school districts.

The major concern was the loss of local control.

Help for housing

The Bar Harbor Housing Authority was hoping voters in that town would approve of a $1 million bond for improvements at the Northeast Creek workforce housing development.

The money would be used to build a road and make other improvements to the infrastructure.

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