Ten years ago in these pages

From the March 29, 2007 Mount Desert Islander

Rescue at sea

The U.S. Coast Guard rescued two fishermen whose 40-foot scallop boat went down at night off of Egg Rock in Frenchman Bay.

The boat captain, Malcolm “Hank” Dow, and crewmember Tom Tripp, both of Trenton, were wearing survival suits and in a life raft when Coast Guard personnel arrived from the Southwest Harbor base.

Greatest generation

Students at the Tremont Consolidated School began fundraising for a veterans’ memorial on school grounds.

As part of the project led by teacher Crystal Dow, the students produced a book of interviews they conducted with local veterans.

Down in the mud

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that money for the dredging of Bass Harbor was not included in this year’s budget, delaying the project yet again.

Dredging to increase the number of moorings and maintain the federal channel was expected to begin in October 2008.

Pennies add up

In Bar Harbor, a group raising money for a playground was getting ready to line up 84,500 pennies in an attempt to set a new Guinness world record.

Members of the West Eden Village Improvement Society were seeking to break the record for the fastest time in which a mile of pennies were laid end-to-end.

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