Support for pregnant parents to quit tobacco

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Acadia Family Center (AFC), in partnership with Healthy Acadia, will host a public discussion on tobacco prevention and treatment for pregnant parents, caregivers, and professionals on Monday, Sept. 9, 2019, from 5-6 p.m.

Joanne Joy of Healthy Communities of the Capital Area will provide suggestions about how to overcome the barriers to quitting and share a statewide virtual network of support and tailored materials that are useful to parents.

Cynthia Booker-Bingler of Acadia Family Center and Mia Petrini of Healthy Acadia will provide support for the presentation and will be available to provide local resources.

“Like 70 percent of the general population, parents want to quit smoking, and pregnancy adds additional motivation to do so. However, multiple smoking quit attempts are needed for most people to stay quit, even when highly motivated,” said event organizers.

There will be time to share personal barriers or stories about the personal journey of quitting smoking or the journey of family members, friends or others after the presentation.

Contact 244-4012 or 667-7171.

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