Charli Osier, left, and Landun Robichaud, fourth grade students at Trenton Elementary School, count the worms on an agar plate under the supervision of Elisabeth Marnik, a postdoctoral researcher at the MDI Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor, during their class’s recent visit to the lab. “It’s very cool,” Robichaud said. “I can even see the guts of the worm.” PHOTO COURTESY OF MDIBL

Students explore how science research works

BAR HARBOR — About 100 fourth grade students from the five Mount Desert Island and Trenton elementary schools visited the MDI Biological Laboratory the week of Nov. 26 for an introduction to biology.

They learned how to use a microscope, made observations about a tiny nematode worm that is a popular animal model in scientific research and logged and analyzed their data.

“This is an amazing opportunity for them,” said Trenton Elementary teacher Diane Clark. “They love the hands-on experience and the opportunity to work with powerful microscopes that aren’t available at our school. They are totally on-task.”

The program was designed and led by Elisabeth Marnik, a postdoctoral researcher at the Bio Lab, with the assistance of Amber Wolf, the Laboratory’s education projects and training lab coordinator.

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