Cornell Knight, Bar Harbor town manager. Knight asked the manager of the Hampton Inn "to file a request to the town" in response to concerns that the inn had lights installed by Emera Maine without proper permission from the town. ISLANDER FILE PHOTO

Streetlights questioned

BAR HARBOR — Highbrook Road residents Diana Crosson and Whitey Carpenter said they returned home from vacation one evening last week to find their house “lit up like daytime.”

New streetlights had been installed in the neighborhood on existing utility poles at the request of the Hampton Inn across the street.

“We installed some lights for a private customer,” Emera representative Judy Long said. “We subsequently learned the town has a process by which they approve lights on a public way. They had received a few complaints, so we removed a couple of lights that had been subject of some complaints.”

Town Manager Cornell Knight said he has asked Hampton Inn manager Scott Shelton to file a request to the town.

“It will come to the council and get decided,” Knight said.

Shelton said they wanted the lights in order to improve safety for guests walking into town and for employees walking between the hotel and nearby employee housing units.

The light closest to Crosson and Carpenter’s home was removed Monday.

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