Street Beat: Should we be worried about Ebola?

This week’s person-on-the-street question is whether or not Maine needs to worry about the Ebola virus. The folks at Jordan’s Restaurant in Bar Harbor had this to say.

Anne Akerson, Bar Harbor
I am afraid of Ebola. It’s heading up the east coast and it’s coming to Maine.

Sue Seavey, Bar Harbor
I think we have a chance of having it happen as well anywhere. I wouldn’t stay up at night worrying about it but I would be very, very cautious and keep my eyes open.

David Paine, Bar Harbor
I am worried about Ebola coming to Maine. I think anybody coming from those African countries should be quarantined 21 days before being allowed in the United States.

Carmen Green, Bar Harbor
I think if the general public takes the usual precautions, washing their hands, taking care of themselves and go by the guidelines they will be okay. You can’t wash your hands too many times.

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