Street Beat: Name someone you are grateful that you met

In this installment of Street Beat, the Islander asked people to name a person they are grateful to have met. Here’s what they had to say:


Street Beat CalasRuth Calas, Bar Harbor

“I’m grateful that I met Ken Paigen at the Jackson Laboratory because I ended up working there, and he’s a great leader and we do great genetic research that benefits the world.”




Street Beat StevensMeg Stevens, Bar Harbor

“Ms. Cullens at MDI High School, she’s been a really great teacher, and she’s a really good person to have around. She always gives really good advice, and she’s funny, and you know you can always talk to her about anything!”




Street Beat McNallyRose McNally, Bar Harbor

“I’m grateful for my cabin at the Chewonki Semester School in Wiscasset, Maine. We were just eight people living together, struggling to survive the cold, cold winter with our little wood stove, but I’m grateful for them because they’re pretty much my family.”




Street Beat BoyceHannah Boyce, Bar Harbor

“I’m grateful for my advisor at college, she’s opened my eyes to a lot of new experiences, and is giving me a really good opportunity.”



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