Street Beat: Does the governor owe Stephen King an apology?

For this week’s installment of Street Beat, the Islander asked people: Does Governor Paul LePage owe writer Stephen King an apology for incorrectly suggesting King is a resident of Florida (he is not) to avoid paying Maine Income Tax?


Friedmann, Gary3Gary Friedmann

Bar Harbor

Of course Stephen King deserves and apology from Governor LePage. King is one of the most generous Maine residents and to suggest he isn’t paying his fair share was a terrible affront.



Garrity, timTim Garrity

Mount Desert

Yes. Anybody in public life ought to have their facts straight. If theuy make an mistake in a statement they got to try and get it right, apologize and try to set the facts correctly. Stephen King is a major contributor to Maine community life and he should be respected for that.


opdyke, mary 2Mary Opdyke

Bar Harbor

Yes Governor LePage owes Stephen King an apology, a big apology. He didn’t do his homework. He didn’t know what he was talking about. He does too much talking. And Stephen King is wonderful, so is his wife.



Russell, JackJack Russell

Mount Desert

I don’t think so. Mr. King has already expressed himself pungently. The green grass will grow. The governor’s apologies are at points fairly backhanded so I think we should leave it as it is.

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