Stop and go-kart

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — A go-kart that was reported stolen to Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office in August was located in Southwest Harbor on Monday after the owner noticed it was for sale on Facebook. An officer located the suspect and the whereabouts of the go-kart, and passed on the information to the investigating deputy.

Michael Dutra, 30, no town given, was driving a Subaru Impreza northbound on Seawall Road on Jan. 25 when he reportedly lost control after hitting a flooded portion of the road. He was not injured, but the car sustained front-end damage.

Emily Berzinis, 40, of Southwest Harbor was summonsed for a civil violation after her dog was found loose and brought to the station. Police said prior incidents contributed to the decision to bring the charge.

An officer located and disposed of a syringe found near the ditch on Bass Harbor Road after receiving information about it on Jan. 25.

A resident reported money stolen from his bank account Friday afternoon. Police identified a suspect, and the case is under investigation.

Police received a report of dogs chasing deer on Seawall Road on Saturday just before 10 a.m. The dogs and deer were gone upon the officer’s arrival.

On Sunday, a local business owner reported possible theft by an employee. The case is currently under investigation.

Police responded to a report of a minor car accident Sunday at Mount Desert Spring Water. A car belonging to Gene Kelso, 73, of Clifton was parked with the engine off when a vehicle driven by Emerson Spurling, 82, of Southwest Harbor reportedly backed into it. The bumper of Kelso’s car was damaged. The makes and models of the vehicles were not reported.

A caretaker contacted police Monday to report criminal mischief. Officers said they didn’t notice anything unusual at the site, only damage to a door that was being replaced.

Bar Harbor

Jason Locke, 35, of Bar Harbor was arrested on an outstanding warrant and taken to the Hancock County Jail on Jan. 23.

A 2010 Cadillac CTS driven by Whitney Martin, 28, of Ellsworth sustained driver’s side damage when it struck a deer on Eagle Lake Road on Jan. 24. The driver was not injured.

Galen Squiers, 23, of Dayton, Ohio, sustained an injury to his left hand and the 2013 Subaru station wagon he was driving sustained front-end and driver’s side damage when it slid on a large patch of ice on Eagle Lake Road, spun around and struck a guardrail Jan. 24. An ambulance responded, but Squiers declined transport to the hospital.

Sarah Fina, 54, of Tremont was arrested and charged with operating under the influence on Eagle Lake Road on Jan. 24. She also was summonsed for imprudent speed and improperly passing emergency vehicles with their lights flashing while officers were at the scene of an accident.

No one was injured, but two vehicles were damaged when a 2015 Dodge Ram truck driven by Robert Bailey, 62, of Ellsworth struck a 2017 Honda Fit driven by Virginia Holmes, 71, of Prospect Harbor while the Honda was turning onto Crooked Road from Route 102 on Jan. 25. Bailey, who was turning from Crooked Road onto Route 102, said the sun was in his eyes and he thought the other vehicle had cleared the intersection. His vehicle sustained damage to the front fender. The Honda was damaged in the driver’s side rear wheel area. No charges were filed.

Andrew Smith, 38, of Mount Desert was charged with criminal mischief after a local business reported that an employee had intentionally damaged property in the store.

Mount Desert

A 2017 Toyota Corolla driven by Natalia Bachelder, 23, of South Berwick sustained front-end damage that required it to be towed when it slid on slush and struck a guardrail on Peabody Drive on Jan. 23. No one was injured.

A 2014 Toyota SUV driven by William Hanley, 47, of Mount Desert sustained front-end damage when it struck a 2006 Nissan SUV driven by Terry Renault, 55, at the intersection of Neighborhood Road and Maple Lane in Northeast Harbor Jan. 25. The Nissan was damaged on the passenger side. No one was injured, and no charges were filed.

A 2012 Toyota truck driven by Dianna McKeage, 36, of Trenton sustained damage to the right front area and the passenger side doors when it struck and killed a deer on Sound Drive on Jan. 29.


A man was warned for trespassing on Jan. 24 after a landowner reported a suspicious person walking on his property.


The Sheriff’s Office responded to a car-deer crash the morning of Jan. 22. Elizabeth Bunker, 28, of Holden was driving her Ford Focus on the Oak Point Road when it struck a deer, deputies said. The deer was able to run back into the woods, and the car was minimally damaged.

Two employees of a Trenton business came to the Sheriff’s Office Friday to report an ongoing issue with a former employee.


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