State processes one-time relief checks 

AUGUSTA — All taxpayers who filed 2021 Maine state tax returns should be receiving their $850 relief checks soon, if they have not gotten them already. 

The Department of Administrative and Financial Services (DAFS) announced on Monday that it had successfully processed and sent the checks to all verified eligible Maine taxpayers who have filed tax returns to date.  

DAFS sent a total of 784,028 payments to Maine taxpayers, representing 91 percent of the 858,000 estimated recipients. Maine Revenue Services, a division of DAFS, will continue to process checks weekly as Maine taxpayers continue to file their returns. The deadline to file returns is Oct. 31. 

Governor Mills proposed, and the Legislature approved, the relief payments as part of the Supplemental Budget the Governor signed into law earlier this year. The payments give back more than half of the state’s surplus – $729.3 million – in the form of one-time check to an estimated 858,000 Maine people to help defray rising costs.  

For the purposes of claiming the $850, a Maine person who is typically a non-filer can follow the same process they use to claim the Property Tax and Sales Tax Fairness credits, a process that doesn’t require them to file a federal return. 

Mainers who are eligible and have not received their relief checks by the beginning of August can go to and enter in the necessary information to receive a status on their payment.  


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