Stalled Acadia contract creates concession void

ACADIA NATIONAL PARK — Three months after a new concessioner was chosen to take over concessions here, the draft contract has yet to arrive in Congress for a mandatory 60-day review. That leaves major questions about who will be providing services in the park next summer.

Concurrently, National Park Service (NPS) officials have filed papers indicating that in the absence of a new contract, they may ask long-time Acadia vendor Acadia Corporation to come back for the 2014 season.

At the time the contract was awarded to New Mexico-based Dawnland, Acadia Corp. had been the sole vendor in Acadia for 80 years.

In late November, Acadia Corp. filed a motion with the United States Court of Federal Claims protesting the bid award to Dawnland.

The government is expected to respond with their own motion for judgment this week. But the document will likely take another week to be redacted by lawyers before it is released. Oral arguments in the case are scheduled for mid-February.

A 60-day review period, if it were to begin in February, could push confirmation of the contract all the way to April. The Jordan Pond House typically opens at the end of May.

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