Something fishy in SW

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — The downtown section of Main Street became slippery and stinky when two barrels of bait fell out of the back of a local fisherman’s truck on Friday around 7 p.m. According to police, a faulty tailgate was the reason the two barrels slid from the vehicle. The bait was quickly picked up and the road was hosed down by the fire department to dilute the bait juice, police said.

A 2004 Infinity needed to be towed from the Circle K parking lot after it hit a curb and then a metal blockade the afternoon of Sept. 4, according to police. Jessica Pinkney, 23, of Raleigh, N. C. was driving the car and was not injured.

The host of a party on Clark Point Road was advised of a noise complaint about 12:45 a.m. Sept. 5 and agreed to keep the noise down.

Police were notified the morning of Sept. 5 that a tent was set up on town property near Goog’s Pond. They searched the tent but found no clues as to who was staying there. When officers on the next shift returned to the spot, the tent was gone.

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services asked for help from police at a local residence Friday evening. The agency was removing children from the home and a man “became disorderly,” according to reports.

Police received a report of a truck trailer hauling a boat stuck at Manset Corner on Saturday morning around 8:20 a.m. The driver was able to inflate the airbags on the suspension of the trailer in order to get it unstuck, police said.

Sarah MacQuinn, 36, of Bar Harbor, was summonsed Sunday on charges of operated after suspension and failure to notify the state of a name and address change.

A resident was warned for dog at large Monday after the dog was found loose and brought into the police station.

Police reported serving a protection order to a man from Tremont Monday afternoon.


Mount Desert

A vehicle reported stolen on Sept. 6 turned out to have been accidentally taken by a wrecking company, police said, because it met the description of the car they were supposed to take. The car was returned without incident.


Bar Harbor

A Bangor man reported to police his medication was stolen on Sept. 4.

On Sept. 4, a 2005 Jeep operated by Monroe Lake, 66, of Grand Rapids, Mich., was backing into a parking spot when it reportedly struck a parked 2018 Chevy owned by Louis Ulrich, 67, of Monroe. Lake left a note on the Chevy, which had a small dent in the bumper. No injuries were reported.

William Upchurch, 45, of Washington D.C. reported that his rented 2018 Ford Explorer had been damaged in a hit-and-run accident on Sept. 4. The exact time and place of the accident was unknown.

A hornet’s nest was reported at the intersection of Cottage Street and Kennebec Street Sept. 4. Police passed the information on to the property owner.

Nathanael Smith, 47, of Gouldsboro summonsed on a charge of operating after suspension Sept. 4 following a traffic stop for speeding.

Police responded to a report of an argument between a couple Sept. 4. that involved intoxication. Though there was no physical altercation, one person was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Police assisted with removing some disorderly patrons from a downtown drinking establishment on Sept. 4.

Kayla Loth, 19, of Clinton, Conn., was arrested Sept. 4 on a charge of operating under the influence of drugs.

Marissa Ouellette, 32, of Mount Desert was arrested Sept. 5 on a charge of violating the conditions of her release.

A badly injured deer was reported on Eden Street on Sept. 5. An officer shot the deer and coordinated with the Highway Department to transfer it to someone on the town’s list to use the meat.

Two people were warned for illegal camping near the Shore Path in the early morning hours of Sept. 6.

Two loose dogs were reported on Whitney Farm Road Sept. 6. Police referred the situation to the town’s animal control officer.

On Sept. 6, a 2005 Ford Explorer owned by Grace Hubbard of Bar Harbor was parked in a parking space when it was reportedly struck by a 2014 BMW operated by Filippe Bezzin, 72, of Virginia. There was damage to the front bumper of the BMW, and no damage to the Ford Explorer.

Shawn Thomas Blair, 41, of Surry was arrested on two outstanding warrants Sept. 7 when police responded to a report of people camping illegally near Grant’s Park.

A minor vehicle accident resulted Friday on West Street after a driver attempted to give another driver room to pull out of a parking spot. A 2018 Ford operated by Andrea Nunn, 67, of Blue Hill was northbound when it pulled around a 2016 Freightliner operated by Christopher Gray, 51, of Mount Desert. The Freightliner was pulling out of a parking spot, police said, and was reportedly by the Ford as the Ford moved back into the correct lane. No injuries were reported.

Also on Friday, Valerie Ann Griffith, 64, of West Palm Beach, Fla., was stopped in traffic on Eagle Lake Road waiting for a vehicle to turn, when her 2006 Jeep Commander was reportedly struck by a 2007 GMC truck operated by Yadicel Barria, 59, of Southwest Harbor. Griffith reported possible injury, but did not require transport to hospital. There was damage to both vehicles, but both were driveable.

A 2013 Kia Optima parked in a school parking lot Friday, last operated by Zane Alderman, 17, of Trenton, was reportedly struck by a 2016 Toyota truck, operated by Breanna Stanley, 18, of Southwest Harbor, while leaving an adjacent parking spot. There was damage to both vehicles, and no injuries reported.

Police received a report on Friday of a dead deer on Route 3 near Dreamwood Hill, and arranged to have it removed.

A person was warned for panhandling in the downtown area Friday.

A small dog found roaming in Town Hill on Friday had reportedly jumped out of the car in a nearby parking lot, and the owner was not aware.

Police spoke group of people reportedly smoking marijuana on the Village Green Friday. Smoking in public is not legal in Maine.

While travelling south on Route 102 near the Pretty Marsh Road on Friday, a 2008 Jeep Wrangler operated by Kimberly Valerik, 51, of Hall Quarry, lost its driver’s side front wheel. No injuries were reported, though there was damage to the vehicle, which had to be towed.

Police gave a woman a ride home Friday after she missed the last bus for the evening.

Julie Nicola, 51, of Franklin, was travelling west on Route 3 on Saturday when her vehicle reportedly struck a deer. There was damage to the vehicle (make and model not reported), and no injuries reported.

Police responded to a report of a domestic argument in Town Hill Saturday evening. Police determined the situation to be verbal in nature, and the parties had separated for the evening without incident.

On Sunday, police observed someone taking bottles from the recycle bins on the Village Green, because they were under the impression that the bottles were abandoned property. The bottles were returned.

Milton Pelletier, 54, of Waterville, was travelling south on Route 102 Sunday morning when his 2017 Subaru Legacy reportedly struck a deer. No injuries were reported, though the Subaru sustained disabling damage and was towed.



Deputies checked on a 75-year-old woman at the request of Department of Health and Human Services Sept. 5.



A 1995 Ford Mustang was stopped for going 72 mph in a 35 mph zone the afternoon of Sept. 5, according to reports. Christopher Sullivan, 35, of Southwest Harbor was summonsed on a speeding charge.

Deputies are still investigating a complaint from a local business regarding a bad check. A representative from a local business filed a complaint on Thursday afternoon about a person from Brooksville allegedly writing a check from a closed account.


Acadia National Park

Tom Dickens, 36 of Belle Isle, Fla., was issued a violation notice for reportedly having an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle as he drove on Lower Mountain Road.

Mickey Phippen, no given age, of Hancock was issued a violation notice for reportedly having a fire in the park outside a designated area Aug. 31.

A man who was pinned between two vehicles in an Ocean Drive accident Sept. 1 told paramedics he didn’t need medical assistance or an ambulance, according to reports. A vehicle was attempting to parallel park in the right lane, rangers said, when the operator reportedly hit the gas in reverse. The collision pushed the second vehicle backwards, pinning the man between it and a third vehicle.

Rangers assisted a 55-year-old man from Israel who reported feeling cold, dizzy and sick to his stomach Sept. 1 in the area of Jordan Pond.

A 53-year-old woman who had injured her ankle was carried off the Beech Mountain trail Sept. 1. Rangers said the woman was also experiencing seizures and temporary loss of consciousness. Rangers and MDI Search and Rescue carried her to the parking lot to a waiting ambulance and she was taken to MDI Hospital.

Stephen Sousa, 28 of Tiverton, R.I. was cited on a charge of possession of marijuana Sept. 1 at the base of Cadillac Mountain.

A New York man was cited on a speeding charge Sept. 2 after reportedly driving 56 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone on the Park Loop Road near Kebo Mountain.

The Cadillac Summit Road was closed twice, and Ocean Drive was closed once, due to congestion Sept. 2. During the first closure of Cadillac, at midday, 189 cars were redirected to other locations. The second closure was at sunset, and more than 626 cars were redirected.

A vehicle crash on West Street Extension Sept. 3 led to the arrest of Chase Kane, no age given, of Brewer on charges of possession of marijuana and failure to maintain control of his vehicle.

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