Snow confuses traffic light

BAR HARBOR — The downtown traffic light on the corner of Routes 3 and 233 has sensors that can’t differentiate between the snow and a car, according to Public Works Director Chip Reeves. “It recognizes the color white as a vehicle,” he said, which causes the light to not cycle properly.

Having a traffic light that remains permanently red, said Lieutenant Dave Kerns of the Bar Harbor Police Department, is a traffic hazard. For this reason, police have set the light to blinking when it malfunctions during each storm. Eventually the town decided to leave it blinking for the duration of the snowy season.

“We have discussed turning it back on next week for the season,” Reeves said.

The traffic light is currently owned by Maine Department of Transportation, and will remain under their ownership through the duration of the Route 3 reconstruction project.

Once the light officially belongs to the town, Reeves said, “my sense is we will change it to flash on November 1, and switch it back April 1.”

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