Small businesses lighten electric bills

BAR HARBOR — A Climate to Thrive has been working with Efficiency Maine to help small businesses on Mount Desert Island reduce their carbon footprint and enhance lighting quality by upgrading to LED lighting. Efficiency Maine’s Small Business Initiative offers qualified small businesses the opportunity to convert old, inefficient lighting fixtures to LED lighting at only 25 percent of the project cost.

Over the past several months, ACTT has engaged with the local community to encourage 37 MDI businesses to sign up for lighting assessments. 12 of these businesses have already moved forward with their projects, and many more are on their way.

It’s been an “overall great experience” said Southwest Harbor Library Assistant Director Kate Pickup-McMullin. The library has various lighting requirements, and “we have been very specific about requests, like color temperature. The electrician has been very helpful and accommodating to the library’s needs” said Pickup-McMullin.

Galyn’s Restaurant of Bar Harbor also recently completed a project with this program. Owner Gail Leiser said “Through an Efficiency Maine Small Business Initiative, this spring we converted a large number of existing fixtures in our restaurant and apartment building to LEDs. With the new, energy efficient LED lights, we anticipate reducing our energy usage by more than 10,000 kWh each year, resulting in an annual cost savings of just over $1,500.”

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