Sleep and Alzheimer’s disease 

BAR HARBOR—Learn more about how sleep affects Alzheimer’s disease and the importance of sleep for healthy aging during a virtual talk with Dr. Cliff Singer, chief of geriatric mental health and neuropsychiatry at Northern Light Acadia Hospital, on Tuesday, Aug25 at 7 p.m. on Webex.  

This talk is part of the Primary Source Speaker Series, which is a collaboration between The Jackson Laboratory and the Jesup Memorial Library that presents science talks for a general audience. The series highlights current research in a trusted and comfortable setting where questions may be directed to the primary source—the research scientists and the public library. This year’s series explores the science behind aging and the possibilities of regenerative medicine. 

Researchers have suggested that sleep can impact heathy aging and could play a role in Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have suggested that sleep plays a role in clearing beta-amyloid, a substance found in the fluid between brain cells, out of the brain. A buildup a beta-amyloid in the brain has been linked to both impaired brain function and Alzheimer’s diseaseAnd studies on mice have also shown that the mice who are sleep deprived have higher levels of beta-amyloid buildup in their brainsHowever, less is known about the impact of sleep deprivation on beta-amyloid levels in people. Join Singer and find out more about the research being done.  

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