Shamanism workshop set

MOUNT DESERT — Richard Parker will offer a workshop on modern shamanism and shamanic meditation Saturday, Sept. 22 at the Northeast Harbor Library from 9 a.m. to noon.

“Shamanism is not a religion but a method to gain insight into oneself and one’s relationship with the natural world and to access support and healing to better meet the challenges of everyday life,” Parker said. “It is a practice of direct experience where the individual alone determines meaning. Shamanism is the original spiritual practice and has existed for millennia.”

The workshop will explore common elements of ancient shamanism, emerging practices in modern shamanism, and beginning experiences with shamanic meditation. The workshop will also provide resources for further exploration, books, websites, newsletters, workshop offerings, etc.

“This workshop would be valuable to anyone widening their search for stress reduction and self awareness,” Parker said. “No experience is necessary, and this method has proven accessible to beginners for decades. Those with an existing meditation practice tend to make a seamless transition into this very intentional practice.”

Parker began his spiritual practice in 1971 with Transcendental Meditation. This practice was deepened by a close relationship with two Lakota elders over more than 30 years and many weeks of training with Hank Wesselman over several years.

Cost for the workshop is$20. Contact Parker at [email protected]


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