Bar Harbor town meeting 2022
With 177 voters in attendance, an overwhelming majority voted to pass the school budget. ISLANDER PHOTO BY FAITH DEAMBROSE

Sewer, solar projects approved at town meeting

BAR HARBOR — Voters in Bar Harbor made quick work of passing a $7.9M school budget and a $26M municipal budget at town meeting on Tuesday. 

Gathering in the gymnasium of the Connors Emerson School, with 177 registered voters in attendance, a majority also authorized the town to borrow up to $43.8M for needed upgrades to its sewer and water systems. The funds will provide approximately $30 million for sewer upgrades, $5.5 million for water projects and roughly $8 million for a streetscape project on Cottage Street to be completed at the same time as the infrastructure upgrades. 

By a written ballot vote of 125-33, voters authorized the borrowing of $4.35M for the design, procurement and construction of a roughly 1 megawatt solar array on town-owned land in Salsbury Cove. The array, once up and running, is expected to provide power to school and municipal buildings, with the exception of the water and sewer plants.  

Next week, voters will head to the polls for an all-day referendum, which will take place on June 14 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the municipal building auditorium. There they will elect municipal and school board candidates, and weigh in on two land use ordinance amendments and a citizen petition involving retail marijuana.   

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