September standings

MOUNT DESERT — Ned Johnston rolled snake eyes Saturday with bullets in races No. 6 and 7 in the Northeast Harbor Fleet’s Fall Series.

Six Luders were on the line for the relatively light-air races, along with 3 IOD Class boats. Steve Lawson was the race committee, assisted by Simon Hulbert.

David Folger was runner-up in the first race, and Jim Fernald finished second in the second race.


Fall Series

Standings after 7 races

1        Ned Johnston       Domino

2        Jim Fernald Sea Bee

3        David Folger        Voo Doo

4        Wells Bacon         MaryJane

5        MDICSC Connor Ratcliff        Surprise

6        Rick Wheeler        Ondine

7        Matthew Baird     Sea Wolf

8        Pancho Cole         Dilli Gaff

9        Tom Rolfes Palladin

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