Sensing storm surge

MOUNT DESERT — University of Maine researchers Kim Huguenard and Laura Rickard will give a talk about the effects of storm surge (rising water levels generated by a storm) in the Bass Harbor and Southwest Harbor estuaries Wednesday, July 18, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Somes Meynell Wildlife Sanctuary in Somesville.

This interactive data-sharing event is open to the public and will showcase results of an ongoing National Science Foundation (NSF) -funded citizen science project to measure storm surge in three Maine estuaries with varying physical characteristics.

Results will highlight data collected by local community members, including storm surge levels during recent storm events. Discussion will cover how this information can help communities plan for future coastal development and climate change adaptation.

Admission is free, and refreshments will be served.

For information contact Rickard at [email protected] or 581-1843.


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