An MDI High School show choir performance from March 2019. PHOTO COURTESY OF EMILY ELLIS

Senior Tribute: Show Choir

Like so many classes, activities and teams, MDI High School’s show choirs never had the opportunity to finish or present this year’s shows. Despite this, our show choirs created the thing that is most important to us and to our students. Don’t get us wrong; our shows this year had the promise to be some of the best ever created, and our kids were bringing epic creativity, expression and passion toward this end. We are all deeply saddened that we never shared the experience of bringing them to life. But when our students talk about our program, the thing they claim as the heart and soul of OUR show choirs is the family that we create together in a blended experience that begins in middle school and culminates as “old farts” in the Mixed Ensemble. While our shows may never have hit the footlights, our “family” is going strong, and we’re so proud of these wonderful young people and our team of adults who direct and produce our shows. Our kids are creative, talented, passionate, dedicated to their craft; they are caring, loving, resilient, generous, beautiful human beings, and it has been our privilege to learn alongside them this year. 

Our seniors have been extraordinary collaborators and leaders, and we will miss them very, very much. Thank you to seniors Ashley Graves and Peter Benson (student directors), Annabelle Walke (student director-jazz ensemble), Louise Chaplin (writer), Camille Michaud, Lily Crikelair and Dezi Zaman (choreographers), Winslow Jeffery and Brenna Jones (soloists), Rawl Blackett and Isaac Philbrook (cast), Anna Redgate, Ben Hulbert and Chandler Strout (pit), Massimo Daul (percussion  learning abroad next year), Sabrina Callas and Zach Uliano (section leaders). You amazing people will change the world, and we thank you for helping raise up our next “generation” of leaders. 

Seniors, we will never forget you; you have carved your initials in the Show Choir tree, and you will always be a part of us as we grow! We can’t wait to see what we will create together next year in show choir at MDIHS. 


Bronwyn Kortge, Annie Leonardi and Frank Bachman 





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