Seat on school board vacant

TREMONT — Several unexcused absences led to a unanimous vote by Tremont’s now four-member school board at its March 14 meeting to proceed with a vacant seat until it can be filled.

Tremont Consolidated School Board member Scott Grierson was voted off due to what the other members of the board agreed was too many unexcused absences. Grierson has been out of town since October, which means he has missed at least five monthly meetings.

The school board also approved the proposed budget for fiscal year 2020.

A certified letter was sent to Grierson by the school board earlier this month to let him know there was a decision made by the members to make his seat vacant.

“We’ve had no contact, other than I sent him an email,” said School Board Chair Heidi Lawson. “We now have a vacant seat.”

Members of the Tremont community interested in serving out the remainder of Grierson’s term, which will expire at the annual town meeting 2020, can contact Lawson or the school.

Grierson faced a similar fate with the town’s planning board last month. In February, following conversations at January planning board and selectmen’s meetings, the Board of Selecmen voted to vacate Grierson’s seat with a recommendation from the planning board to do so. Grierson had served as chairman of that board and his seat was not set to expire until 2022.

School board member Andrew Simon’s seat becomes vacant at this year’s annual town meeting. The deadline for turning in papers of interest for a place on the school board was March 14.

Sarah Hinckley

Sarah Hinckley

Former Islander reporter Sarah Hinckley covered the towns of Southwest Harbor, Tremont and neighboring islands.

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