Sea exploration talk set

BAR HARBOR — Deep-sea explorer and College of the Atlantic alumna Allison Fundis will discuss her experiences searching for Amelia Earhart’s plane with famed explorer Robert Ballard. She will speak at the COA Human Ecology Forum on Thursday, Jan. 30. The free event will be held in McCormick Lecture Hall at 4:10 p.m.

As the chief operating officer for the Ocean Exploration Trust, Fundis leads a team of talented scientists, engineers, educators and communicators to conduct annual missions aboard the exploration vessel Nautilus.

Her talk will cover recent discoveries, new technologies that are changing the field, mounting the highly technologically advanced search for Earhart’s plane and why it is so important to engage the new generations and the public in ocean exploration and research.

“By investing in our continued pursuit of exploring Earth’s inner space and innovating new ways to explore efficiently and economically, we will understand how the ocean affects us in all aspects of our daily lives,” Fundis said. “Equally important is engaging the public and next generation as we do this so that they, too, can make connections with the ocean and understand its significance to their everyday lives, issues that they may vote on, policies they may write, and maybe even their future career choices.”

Fundis has spent much of the last 15 years at the bottom of the ocean, exploring and studying shipwrecks, underwater volcanoes, unique ecosystems, and, more recently, searching for the missing plane of famed aviator Amelia Earhart while on a mission sponsored by National Geographic and shown on television. Her work has taken her to remote stretches of the world, where she has led or participated in more than 50 expeditions at sea.

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