Scoping session for oyster farm

CRANBERRY ISLES — Lauren Gray, doing business as Cranberry Oysters, has scheduled a public scoping session on a potential application for a standard aquaculture lease.

Doing business as Cranberry Oysters, Gray has been growing oysters for three years on eight 400-square-foot Limited Purpose Aquaculture (LPA) sites in The Pool, which is nearly surrounded by Great Cranberry Island.

Her potential new application would be for suspended culture of American/Eastern oysters on an approximately 5.24- acre site in The Pool.

The scoping session, a preliminary public meeting before a lease application is filed with the Maine Department of Marine Resources, is set for Feb. 19, at 1:00 p.m. at The Longfellow School. A scoping session is not a public hearing; rather, it is intended to familiarize the public with the proposal and allow neighbors to ask questions and provide information relevant to the proposed project.


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