School support staffs’ contracts standardized 

BAR HARBOR — When school starts next month, ed techs and other support staff in all the schools in the Mount Desert Island Regional School System will be working under the same contract – more or less. 

Support staff at Conners Emerson School in Bar Harbor, who in the past have negotiated their own salary and benefits package with the local school committee, are now covered by the same contract that covers support staffs in several other district schools. 

Last year, the ed techs at the high school and the elementary schools in Tremont, Trenton and Southwest Harbor joined together to negotiate salaries and benefits with the school system board. The bargaining unit in Southwest Harbor also included custodians and bus drivers.  

The support staff at Mount Desert Elementary chose not to join the larger bargaining unit, but the salary provisions of the new contract that the larger group  negotiated will apply to them as well.  

The categories of support staff covered by the new contract are not the same for every school. For example, in Tremont and Trenton, it only covers ed techs. The contract covers all support staff at Conners Emerson, except for bus drivers. The school contracts with Cyr Bus Line for student transportation. 

Under the new contract, ed techs throughout the school district will receive an aggregate salary increase of 20 percent over the next three years. 

In the first year of the contract, a first-year Ed Tech I will make $17.95 an hour. An Ed Tech II, custodian and cook will make $18.93. Secretaries and bus drivers will make $19.43. An Ed Tech III and administrative assistant will make $19.93. And first-year head bus drivers, custodians and cooks will make $21.43. 

Dick Broom

Dick Broom

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