Scallop season underway

AUGUSTA — Two weeks into Maine scallop season, harvesters have reported to the Department of Marine Resources that they are getting good prices because of the size and quality of the product.

Harvesters in Zone 2, which stretches from Cape Jellison in Stockton Springs to the Campobello Island Bridge in Lubec, are reporting scallop counts in the U/15 – U/20 range with some areas reporting substantial percentages of catch U/10s. Zone 2 fishing areas have had two years to rebuild through a rotational management plan, resulting in larger scallops compared to previous years.

The size of scallops is often designated by the letter U, which stands for “under” followed by a number. For example, in the case of a U/10 scallop, it takes fewer than 10 scallops to make up a pound. The smaller the number, the bigger the scallop.

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