Colorful spinnakers were out in living color during a recent Northeast Harbor Fleet IOD race. PHOTO COURTESY OF SUE CHARLES

Sailing Scoreboard through Aug. 22

Cruising Class MDI Series

Though Mike Cook in Lynette took the fifth and final race in the series with a bullet, it wasn’t enough to overtake winner Henry Brauer in Fleetwing for the Carol Haaland Trophy.

Top 10 in standings after five races:

  • Henry Brauer
  • Mike Cook
  • Joe Weber
  • Tom Rolfes
  • Hal Kroeger and Joe Kief
  • Ken Weg
  • Andrew Von Hirsch
  • Mark Kryder
  • Chris Hopkins
  • Bryan Colket


Southwest Harbor Fleet

Luders 16 Class August Series

Bill Knowlton in Fiona and Chris Booher in Surprise each took a bullet in race five, while Wells Bacon in Mary Jane came in with a bullet in race six.

Top 10 in standings after six races:

  • Charles family
  • Bill Knowlton
  • Chris Booher
  • Wells Bacon
  • Jim Fernald
  • David Folger
  • Ken Brookes
  • Scott Hirsch
  • Art Paine
  • Matthew Baird


Southwest Harbor Fleet

Bullseye Class August Series

Nancy Homer in Nanny B and Scott Lawson in Shadow both had one bullet each in race six of the series.

Standings after six races:

  • Nancy Homer
  • Scott Lawson
  • Charlie Hudson
  • Mary Lawrence
  • Tony Smith


Northeast Harbor Fleet

Hayward Cup

Although Stephen Brookes and family in Gandalf led most of the way, it was his parents, Southwest Harbor Fleet Commodore Ken Brookes and Ellen, who raced Sweet Chariot for the win.

Top 10 in standings:

  • Ken and Ellen Brookes
  • Missy and Maddy Marron
  • Scott and Melissa Hirsch
  • Stephen, Evy and Ian Brookes and Laura Hutchins
  • Phil and Carson Crain, Will Green, William Kimball
  • David Rockefeller, Sven Huseby, Daphne and Ames Lyman
  • David Conway and David Schoeder
  • Bill Horner and Ezra Millby
  • Will, Jay and John Henry
  • Mike and John Bienkowski


Northeast Harbor Fleet

Barton Eddison Race

Junior sailors raced in 12-15 knot winds in a tight race for the Barton Eddison trophy. Sailors from all over MDI gather each year to race the gorgeous 33’ IOD Class sloops in the annual race in honor of Commodore of the Fleet Barton Eddison.

  • Roger Strauss, George Ryckman, Teddy Madara, Timothy Gould, Winn Irwin
  • Jay Henry, Matt Howland, Christopher Gould, Delaney Sweeney, Kaleena Higgins, Adrien Chavarot
  • Will Slay, Joey Minutolo, Carson Whitehouse, Tito Miguens, Nate Ingebritson, Alec Fisichella
  • Will Ryckman, Julia Strauss, Alden Fritz, Nicholas Kennedy
  • Isabella Gaumer, Mia Stephens, Harper Fremont-Smith, Ryder Henry, Spencer Clark-Louesous, Jesse Tague
  • John Howland, Caroline Willis, Holliss Hirsch, Emily Homer, Jillian Fitz
  • Walker Whitehouse, Vladimir Reed, Theo Chavarot, Nicolas Jauneau, Channing Cook


Northeast Harbor Fleet

IOD Class August Series

A gusty afternoon made for an adventurous race in the Taormina Cup series. Although he remains at the top of the standings, David Rockefeller didn’t complete Monday’s race after his forestay broke. Neither Rob Van Alen, who fell overboard Live Yankee, or Bill Dowling, whose Mischief broke down, completed the race. As Ted Madara said, “That’s racing.”

Top 10 in standings after 13 races:

  • David Rockefeller
  • John Henry
  • Rob Van Alen
  • Fred Ford
  • Sean Beaulieu
  • Peter Ill & Ted Madara
  • Rick Echard
  • Bill Dowling
  • David Schoeder
  • Parker Brown


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