Rich Wheeler competes in the pursuit race July 2 for the Reath Trophy, the season opener of the summer sailing season here. PHOTO COURTESY OF SUE CHARLES

Sailing scoreboard

Northeast Harbor Fleet Fourth of July Series – IODs

Sean Beaulieu in Aurora won a tiebreaker against David Rockefeller Jr. in Caribou to capture the International One Design series on Tuesday.

Beaulieu, Rockefeller and Rick Echard all posted bullets in the series, while Bill Dowling and Kevin Snyder raced the newly refurbished Magic Bus.

Top 10 after three races: 1. Sean Beaulieu, 2. David Rockefeller Jr., 3. Rick Echard, 4. Bill Dowling and Kevin Snyder, 5. Nicholas Schoeder, 6. John Roberts, 7. Amo Loring Logan, 8. Mia Thompson, 9. Scott Redmon, 10. David Schoeder

Northeast Harbor Fleet Fourth of July Series – Luders

In Luders, Bill Smith in Freight Train to Your Love, Baby used his double pole system to jibe effortlessly and command the lead in the series. Wells Bacon in VooDoo had a bullet in the final race, but it wasn’t enough to overtake Smith.

Top 10 after four races: 1. Bill Smith, 2. Wells Bacon, 3. David Folger, 4. Jim Fernald, 5. Connor Ratcliff, 6. Ken Brookes, 7. Pancho Cole, 8. Tom Rolfes, 9. Art Paine, 10. Matthew Baird

Henry T. Reath Trophy

The season opener pursuit-style race on Sunday had 16 participants with a spectacular breeze. Mid-morning, there was dense fog on the west side of the island with blazing sunshine in Somesville and Bar Harbor. Like clockwork, the sea breeze smoked and the blue skies and seas were twinkling everywhere. Fog lifted, everyone scrambled to get their acts together, and it was a sprint to the starting line.

Luders were off first, followed by International One Designs (IOD), and then the big, fast boats were ready to sprint. The course went clockwise around the Cranberries to finish at Gilpatrick Ledge. The smaller, slower boats had some luck, as many of them got to turn the northeast corner of Islesford and sprint out around Baker Island in a nice breeze.

The bigger boats got hung up in some doldrums off Islesford and had a difficult time getting through the glassy water to the ripples of breeze to the east. Rick Wheeler in Ondine and Chris Hopkins in Watermark got a big jump, while Hal Kroeger in Far Out and Mike Cook in Lynnette had a rough time finding breeze.

The wind got wacky again outside of Baker Island with some sloppy 4-6-foot seas. Watermark, Ondine and Auria Mauras in Dakota seemed to break free. At the outlet of the Western Way, crazy breezes ensued as a warm land breeze slipped off the Seaview, Manset and Southwest Harbor shores. Lynnette consumed Watermark as they passed the southeast tip of Greening Island, only a quarter-mile to the finish.

1. Mike Cook, 2. Chris Hopkins, 3. Rick Wheeler, 4. Joe Weber, 5. Tom Rolfes, 6. Henry Brauer, 7. Auria Mauras, 8. Jack Roberts, 9. Sarah Ann Lawson, 10. Tim Nagle.

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