Sailing scoreboard

Racing action in the waters around Mount Desert Island

Northeast Harbor Fleet

Hessenbruch IOD Singlehanded Race Aug. 7

Peter Ill took this year’s Hessenbruch trophy, racing Acontia, which was donated to the Northeast Harbor Sailing School when its late owner and IOD legend Alessandro Vitelli passed away last year. Fleet members agreed Vitelli would have been very pleased.

  1. Peter Ill
  2. Sean Beaulieu
  3. John Roberts
  4. Tyler Steele
  5. Jean Beaulieu
  6. John Henry
  7. Fred Ford
  8. Rob Van Alen
  9. Sydney Roberts Rockefeller

Northeast Harbor Fleet

IOD Class August Series

Rick Echard, Peter Ill/Ted Madeira and John Henry each had bullets in one of the first three races in the August series for the Taormina Cup. Henry pulled ahead of David Rockefeller with bullets in both races Monday.

Top 10 in standings after 5 races:

  1. John Henry
  2. David Rockefeller
  3. Rick Echard
  4. Rob Van Alen
  5. Sean Beaulieu
  6. Mia Thompson
  7. Fred Ford
  8. Peter Ill and Ted Madeira
  9. Bill Dowling
  10. David Schoeder

Southwest Harbor Fleet

Luders 16 Class August Series

The first two races in this series this week featured very close competition, with bullets by Bill Knowlton sailing Fiona and the Charles family on Seabiscuit.

Top 10 in standings after 2 races:

  1. Bill Knowlton
  2. Charles family
  3. Jim Fernald
  4. Wells Bacon
  5. Chris Booher
  6. Art Paine
  7. David Folger
  8. Ken Brookes
  9. Matthew Baird
  10. Pancho Cole

Southwest Harbor Fleet

Bullseye Class August Series

Six boats were on the line for the first day of Bullseye racing this month. Nancy Homer in Nancy B. and Scott Lawson in Shadow each won one race.

Standings after 2 races:

  1. Nancy Homer
  2. Scott Lawson
  3. Charlie Hudson
  4. Mary Lawrence
  5. Tony Smith

Northeast Harbor Fleet

Luders 16 Sunday Series

The high school and college team on Surprise continues to lead in overall scores, but Chris Groober and Henry Brauer sailing Phi finished first in Race 7 and Art Paine sailing Ludicrous had the bullet in Race 8.

Standings after eight races:

  1. Connor Ratcliff, Sean Beaulieu, Chris Booher
  2. Wells Bacon
  3. David Folger
  4. Bill Smith
  5. Nathaniel and Rick Wheeler
  6. Art Paine
  7. Chris Groober and Henry Brauer
  8. David Schoeder
  9. Pancho Cole
  10. Fred Ford
  11. Scott Hirsch
  12. Bill Horner

Cruising Class MDI series

With the Great Harbor Dream race called off, there have been only three cruising class races so far this summer, the most recent held on Aug. 7. Ken Weg’s Ranger was the winner of the first, in June, and Henry Brauer’s Fleetwing has carried the other two.

Standings after three races:

  1. Henry Brauer
  2. Tom Rolfes
  3. Joe Weber
  4. Mike Cook
  5. Ken Weg
  6. Joe Kief
  7. Andrew VonHirsch
  8. Chris Hopkins
  9. Mark Kryder



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