Sailing scoreboard

Northeast Harbor Fleet

Carole Halaand Series


Cruising Class

June 26, one race

1        Ranger

2        Lynnette

3        Sidewinder

4        Dreadnought

5        Popaea


These are also the overall results, this being the first race.


Southwest Harbor Fleet

Luders 16 Class

June 25, 4 races


Standings after 8 races:

1            Ned Johnston

2        Chris Booher/Sean Beaulieu

3        Wells Bacon

4        Ken Brookes

5        Jim Fernald

6        Rick Wheeler

7        Tom Rolfes

8        David Schoeder

9        David Folger


Sean Beaulieu came back from a year of punishing competition on the collegiate circuit at Salve Regina University to join Chris Booher on Surprise. They had a grip on the daily win until the Johnstons in Domino clinched the last race with enough of a spread on Surprise to take the daily honors.

“It was very tight racing on the course and at every turn,” Fleet director Fran Charles said. “A few practice starts got everyone to push the line hard, too.”

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