Seawolf, with Matthew Baird at the helm, was the winner of this year's Great Harbor Dream pursuit race. The race is a fundraiser for an effort of Mount Desert Island yacht clubs and sailing center to support sailing at the high school level. PHOTO COURESTY OF SUE CHARLES

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Great Harbor Dream

pursuit race

Sunday, July 29

Seventeen boats filled with enthusiastic sailors joined in for the Great Harbor Dream pursuit race around the Cranberry Islands on Sunday.

The participants were sailing to celebrate the organization of the summer sailing clubs at Northeast Harbor, Southwest Harbor, Seal Harbor, Bar Harbor and Islesford to support the MDI High School sailing team.

“Spectacular sunshine with warm temps inside and cooler mid 60 temps outside the islands made the trip very enjoyable,” Northeast Harbor Fleet Director Fran Charles said. “The boats started from Spurling Point at Cranberry and went clockwise around the Cranberries and Baker Island leaving them to starboard.

“All boats converged simultaneously at the finish off Gilpatrick Ledge and Seawolf captained by Matthew Baird was the winner in his wood 1946 Luders 16 with a wood mast.”


Pursuit race results

1        Seawolf       Matthew Baird

2        Watermark Chris Hopkins

3        Lynnette     Mike Cook

4        Fleetwing    Steve Madeira

5        Antares       Mary Bacon

6        Domino      Ned Johnston

7        Romp           Bill Horner

8.       Aurora        Sean Beaulieu

9        Dakota        David Folger

10      Moewe        Alec Fisichella

11      Sidewinder  Tom Rolfes

12      Poppaea     Alex von Hirsch

13      Ondine        Rick Wheeler

14      Ludicrous   Art Paine

15      Cybele           David Rockefeller

16      Flying Fish   Bryan Colket

17      Batty             Melissa and Scott Hirsch


Northeast Harbor Fleet

IOD July series

The July series, which wrapped up Monday, included two discard races—each boat could drop their two worst scores.

The IOD fleet got off two races in dense fog Saturday.

Standings were very close after two races in the fog Saturday, No. 10 and 11 in the series. Four boats were within four points in the standings.

“We were a bit busy on Shearwater today and couldn’t see a darn thing,” Charles said. “Nothin’ but fog and fun, tight racing out there.”

John Henry in Gambler won the first race of the day, followed by Sean Beaulieu in Aurora. Scott Redmon in Gosling had the bullet in the second race and Tom Fremont Smith in Live Yankee finished second.

Monday’s Race 12 was dubbed a “Triple Gate Special” by Charles.

“Starting from Rice Point off Sutton Island, many of the 17 boats racing jumped the gun on the first attempted start and everyone pushed hard but everyone was clear on the second start,” Charles said. “It was a 1.5 mile upwind leg to the Manset shore and a pair of buoys set for a windward gate. This was followed by an almost 3 mile run to Seal Harbor’s Bracy Cove. Many positions changed and the Gambler sailed expertly by John Henry and his crew turned in the lead with Live Yankee, Caribou and Eagle nipping at their heels. Another 3 mile upwind leg ensued back to Manset with Gambler stretching out their lead. Eagle sailed by Courtney Jenkins nosed out David Rockefeller on a side-by-side finish decided by a whisker.”

Gambler won the series followed by the Beaulieu in Aurora. In third place was Commodore Steve Madeira and his brother Gary, sailing Auriga.


July series results

1        Gambler      John Henry

2        Aurora        Sean Beaulieu

3        Auriga        Gary and Steve Madeira

4        Woodie       John Roberts

5        Live Yankee                   Tom Fremont Smith

6        Gosling       Scott Redmon

7        Dakota        David Schoeder

8        j’Ellie Bean Fred Ford

9        Freyja                   Mia Thompson

10      Firefly         Rick Echard

11      Cygnet        Jean Burden, Kennedy brothers

12      Satin Doll   Sydney Roberts Rockefeller

13      Moewe        Alec Fisichella

14      Puff             Joe Kief

15      Silver Spray         Peter Ill

16      Mischief      Bill Dowling

17      Magic Bus  Andrew Kennedy, Caroline Dunbar

18      Eagle           Courtney Jenkins

19      Caribou      David Rockefeller

20      Dram           Ryder Henry, Phil Crain

21      Pippa                    Cameron Clark

22      Piper           Dunbar family

23      Top Cat      James Loutit

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