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MOUNT DESERT — A feeble east wind made many relearn the lesson “always sail to Sutton.” Except on the run, when everything flopped back towards Little and Big Cranberry.

The commodore and his boys had Chariot dialed in and squeaked it out over Domino, MaryJane and Ludicrous.

Charlie Hudson in the Bullseye Class has a two-point advantage going into the end-of-season showdown on The Great Harbor the next day.

The Hayward Cup has been rescheduled for Sunday of Labor Day weekend due to fog and no wind. Last year, there were 12 Luders and 12 IODs. Maybe this year the Luders Class sailors can show those outdated designs where the future lies with more boats on the line dressed in their natty attire. Commodore Ken and the “Commodorable” Ellen are the defending champs. – Fran Charles

The Luders 16 August Series Summary

Place, Boat, Skipper

1. Domino Ned Johnston

2. Ludicrous Alec Fisichella

3. MaryJane Wells Bacon

4. Sweet Chariot Ken Brookes

5. SeaBee Jim Fernald

6. VooDoo David Folger

7. Fiona Bill Knowlton

8. Slingshot Henry Brauer

9. Surprise Connor Ratcliff

10. Ondine Rick Wheeler

11. Freight Train to Your Love Baby Bill Smith

12. North David Schoeder

13. Dilli Gaff Pancho Cole

14. Palladin Tom Rolfes

15. Sea Wolf Matthew Baird

16. Batty Scott Hirsch

17. Romp Bill Horner

18. Triad Alec Gorianski

The Southwest and Northeast Harbor Fleets Bullseye Series Summary

1. Charlie Hudson, 2. Tom Morgan, 3. Sam Lawrence Sr., 4. Hollis Hirsch

The Carol Haaland Trophy was fought for in an end-of-season showdown. A long course was set from Rice Point on Sutton Island, leaving South Bunker Ledge to port followed by Baker Island to port then a long reach to Otter Cliffs followed by a beat back to Spurling Rock off Big Cranberry. The southerly sea breeze gave in to the freshening west wind while the 20 IODs in the Worlds were sailing a practice race.

MDI Series For Carol Haaland Trophy 

Place, Boat, Skipper

1. Fleetwing Henry Brauer

2. Sidewinder Tom Rolfes

3. Lynnette Mike Cook

4. Ranger Ken Weg

5. Dreadnought Joe Weber

6. Far Out Hal Kroeger, Joe Kief

7. Watermark Chris Hopkins

8. Scarlett BEE Mark Kryder

9. Woodie Jack Roberts

10. Iris Andrew Barrett

MDI Series 6 Aug. 20

Place, Boat, Skipper

1. Dreadnought Joe Weber

2. Fleetwing Henry Brauer

3. Ranger Ken Weg

4. Lynnette Mike Cook

5. Scarlett BEE Mark Kryder

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