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Southwest and Northeast Harbor Fleets Luders 16 August Series

Top 10 after two races: 1. Ned Johnston, 2. Alec Fisichella, 3. Wells Bacon, 4. Connor Ratcliff, 5. Ken Brookes, 6. Bill Knowlton, 7. Henry Brauer, 8. David Folger, 9. Jim Fernald, 10. Bill Smith

Southwest and Northeast Harbor Fleets Bullseye August Series

Top three after two races: 1. Tom Morgan, 2. Charlie Hudson, 3. Sam Lawrence Sr.

Northeast Harbor Fleet IOD-August Series for the Taormina Cup

East winds are remarkably fickle in the Great Harbor. Reading the ripples and developing and changing a plan based on water surface texture seemed paramount.

Top 10 after nine races: 1. Ted Madara and Peter Ill, 2. John Henry, 3. Sean Beaulieu, 4. David Rockefeller, 5. Connor Ratcliff, 6. Nicholas Schoeder, 7. Carson Crain, 8. Scott Redmon, 9. Rick Echard, 10. Steve Madeira

Northeast Harbor Fleet IOD solo race for the Commodore Hessenbruch Trophy

Sunday was a fun day to be on the water, with lots of wind and sunshine with temperatures around 68 degrees. Two longer courses were set as the RC had their hands full with a big fleet of cruising class as well as seven IODs sailing solo. Everyone had a blast and made it back to the mooring safely.

  1. John Henry, 2. Peter Ill, 3. Jean Beaulieu, 4. Connor Ratcliff, 5. Sean Beaulieu, 6. Fred Ford, 7. John Roberts

Northeast Harbor Fleet Cruising Class MDI Series for the Carol Haaland Trophy

A downwind start from almost Q to the East Bunker Ledge buoy was followed by some very exciting wipeouts in the puffy cold front breeze blasting out of Somes Sound. There was a long upwind battle with Far Out, Lynnette, Ranger and the wily Fleetwing. Coming around Greening Island counter-clockwise, the cruisers passed by the IODs going in the opposite direction. There was more exciting action downwind on a trip to Bowden Ledge and then east of Islesford to Harding Ledge. Fleetwing was having so much fun that they went on by Bowden Ledge and had to come back upwind. Everyone was tired out after the 4-plus mile windward leg back to Gilpatrick Cove with the current ebbing hard. Congratulations to Sidewinder, which flew all the nylon in Sunday’s Race 4.

Top 10 after 4 races: 1. Far Out, 2. Sidewinder, 3. Lynnette, 4. Ranger, 5. Fleetwing, 6. Watermark, 7. Dreadnought, 8. Woodie, 9. Scarlett BEE, 10. Iris

The Northeast Harbor Fleet Luders and Mercury classes Sunday Series July, August 2017

Ned Johnston in Domino took the first race in the Luders Sunday series, and Alec Fisichella came in second. Then, they flipped it for the second race, with Ludicrous edging out Domino for the bullet.

Top 11 after 10 races:1. Alec Fisichella, 2. David Folger, 3. Connor Ratcliff, 4. Bill Smith, 5. Wells Bacon, 6. Rick Wheeler, Kevin Snyder, 7. David Conway, David Schoeder, 8. Ned Johnston, 9. Pancho Cole, 10. Scott and Melissa Hirsch, 11. Bill Horner

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