The crew of Gambler in Northeast Harbor Fleet racing action last week. PHOTO COURTESY OF SUE CHARLES

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Northeast Harbor Fleet Luders 16-July Series

Alec Fisichella and Art Paine finished three out of seven races with a bullet to win the Luders 16 July series on Friday in Ludicrous.

Bill Smith and crew in Freight Train to Your Love Baby had an early lead but fell behind in the latter part of the series to finish in second place.

Top 10 after seven races: 1. Alec Fisichella and Art Paine, 2. Bill Smith, 3. Connor Ratcliff, 4. Jim Fernald, 5. Wells Bacon, 6. David Folger, 7. Fred Ford, 8. Ned Johnston, 9. Ken Brookes, 10. Rick Wheeler

Northeast Harbor Fleet IOD-July Series for the Rockefeller Trophy

The crew on David Rockefeller Jr.’s Caribou showed everyone on Saturday that they are sharpening every tool in the shed to get ready for the International One Design Worlds later this month.

Gambler, with Chad Thieken and John Henry, had a nice set of races to win the July Series, with Woodie closing the gap and slipping by Aurora for second place overall.

The first race started with a breeze, but the light southeasterly wind quickly vaporized as a thinly veiled overcast cloud cover turned off the heat pump. Woodie and Gosling worked right and got some nice pressure on the trip up to Great Cranberry Island. The course was shifted left, but the pressure continued to pulse in and out. Caribou took the race, just nosing out Gosling and Woodie.

The second race started over by Rice Point with a beat to mark R, halfway to Islesford. A long run back to Gilpatrick was planned but changed to the shorter drop pin at which the Northeast Harbor Fleet started. Caribou and Gambler knew what they wanted and fought it out for the pin and then traded tacks up along the southern shore of Sutton Island. Auriga sailed hot angles on the run and avoided a big hole that the leaders seemed to find. Commodore Steve Madeira showed he still has some touch on the helm winning the final race of the July Series.

Top 10 after 15 races: 1. Chad Thieken and John Henry, 2. John Roberts, 3. Sean Beaulieu, 4. Nicholas Schoeder, 5. Steve Madeira, 6. Fred Ford, 7. David Schoeder, 8. Rick Echard, 9. Jean Burden, 10. Mia Thompson

Northeast Harbor Fleet All Classes Constance Madeira Pursuit Race

Stunning sunshine and a fresh northerly wind made for a crisp Maine morning during Sunday’s Constance Madeira Pursuit Race and picnic on Baker Island.

The light north wind gave it up just as the Luders started the race back to Gilpatrick Cove. By the time Cybele started, the sea breeze was forming along the bar between Islesford and Baker Island. They rode the edge, and other sailboats who saw their speed tried hard to get up closer to Islesford to catch a few breaths of breeze. The northerly was being stubborn and wouldn’t give up easily. Joe Weber in Dreadnought, Mike Cook in Lynnette, Gary Madeira in Fleetwing and Tom Rolfes in Sidewinder all had their moments when they had the jets but couldn’t quite get through the doldrums to the fresh sea breeze.

David Rockefeller Jr.’s crew in Cybele broke through and started sprinting on the south side of Sutton. Fleetwing and Ned Johnston in Domino, after spending a bit too much time on the skating rink, decided to make the leaders nervous and went north of Sutton Island. They made huge gains but not quite enough to catch Cybele.

Top 11: 1. David Rockefeller Jr., 2. Gary Madeira, 3. Joe Weber, 4. Mark Kryder, 5. Chris Hopkins, 6. Mike Cook, 7. Ned Johnston, 8. Tom Rolfes, 9. Alec Fisichella, 10. Dakota, 11. Ondine

Northeast Harbor Fleet IOD-August Series for the Taormina Cup

It was August in July for the 18 IODs that participated in the first races of the August series on Monday, July 31. John Henry in Gambler took the lead after three races, followed by Ted Madara in Acontia.

Top 10 after three races: 1. John Henry, 2. Ted Madara, 3. Connor Ratcliff, 4. Sean Beaulieu, 5. Steve Madeira, 6. Fred Ford, 7. David Rockefeller Jr., 8. Bill Dowling, 9. Scott Redmon, 10. Nicholas Schoeder

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