Scott Hirsch, who sails the Luders 16 Batty, receives an award from Steve Madeira, commodore of the Northeast Harbor Fleet, at the Fleet's August awards ceremony Saturday. PHOTO COURTESY OF SUE CHARLES

Sailing leaderboard

Northeast Harbor Fleet

IOD class

August Series for the Taormina Cup

Saturday saw the series finale for the Taormina Cup. It was a bright, clear day with an oscillating breeze. Freyja led the way from coast to coast in the day’s single race.

“The incredible tightness of final scores is pretty darn amazing,” Fleet Director Fran Charles said. “Congrats to the Gambler crew who really fought back from deep in the barrel to claim their victory.”

The top five finishers in the series finished within five points of each other: Gambler finished with a series score of 41, followed by Silver Spray with 41, Auriga with 42, Live Yankee with 44 and Caribou with 46.


Final results

1        John Henry  Gambler

2        Peter Ill        Silver Spray

3        Gary Madeira         Auriga

4        Tom Fremont Smith        Live Yankee

5        David Rockefeller  Caribou

6        Mia Thompson      Freyja

7        Fred Ford    J’Ellie Bean

8        Sean Beaulieu        Aurora

9        Rick Echard Firefly

10      David Folger         Dakota

11      Ted Madara Moewe

12      Nicholas Schoeder Puff

13      NEH Fleet Youth   Magic Bus

14      Sydney Roberts Rockefeller      Satin Doll

15      Courtney Jenkins   Eagle

16      Charlie Wray         Icicle

17      Jean Burden           Cygnet

18      Bill Dowling          Mischief

19      John Sullivan         Pippa

20      Mike Buckley        Dram

21      John Roberts          Woodie

22      Little Cranberry Youth    Earl

23      James Loutit Top Cat

23      Andrew Dunbar     Piper


Northeast Harbor Fleet

Max Warburg Pursuit Race Series

The Fleet’s held its annual Max Warburg race series, with two races separated by a picnic, Sunday.



1        Jack Sattery Ranger

2        Mike Cook   Lynnette

3        John Wilkinson     Petronella

4        Joe Weber    Dreadnought

5        David Rockefeller  Cybele

6        Tom Rolfes  Sidewinder

7        Peter and Bonny Rogers  Ohana

8        Christiaan Van Heerden   Ambria

9        Chris Hopkins       Watermark

10      Sean Beaulieu        Biscuit

11      David Conway       Stampede


Southwest Harbor Fleet

Luders 16 August 2019 Series

Domino won both races Friday, but Jim Fernald in Sea Bee was able to throw about his one ninth-place finish, leaving him with two bullets and two second-place finishes in the series (both Friday) and the series win.

Mary Jane ended the series at third place, having finished in the top three in half of the eight races. David Folger in Voo Doo was also a challenger, finishing fourth in each of the last four races.


Final results

1        Jim Fernald  Sea Bee

2        Ned Johnston         Domino

3        Wells Bacon Mary Jane

4        David Folger         Voo Doo

5        Ken Brookes          Sweet Chariot

6        Bill Smith    Freight Train to Your Love, Baby

7        Henry Brauer         Slingshot

8        Scott Hirsch Batty

9        Franny Charles      Seabiscuit

10      Rick Wheeler         Ondine

11      Alec Fisichella and Riley Donahue      Surprise

12      Mattew Baird         Seawolf

13      Tom Rolfes  Palladin

14      Fred Ford    Watermellon

15      Pancho Cole Dilli Gaff

16      Bll Horner   Romp

17      Arthur Davis          Red Hot

18     Art Paine            Ludicrous

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