The crew of Freyja won the Best Dressed award at last week's Hayward Cup pursuit race. PHOTO COURTESY OF SUE CHARLES

Sailing Leaderboard

Northeast Harbor Fleet

Cruising Class

MDI Series for the Carol

and Gordon Haaland Trophy

A bit of brightness and a very soft east wind gave all of the competitors hope that we would get a race off on Sunday. However, the curtain came down as the sailors headed towards Islesford and after an hour had only drifted together at Sutton Island’s western end. Three guns and everyone went home.

This leaves the MDI Series with three races and no discard scores. Ranger and her crew win the Gordon and Carol Haaland Trophy in a tie-breaker over Joe Weber’s Dreadnought with Sidewinder sailed by Tom Rolfes in third overall.


Final results

1        Ken Weg       Ranger

2        Joe Weber     Deadnought

3        Tom Rolfes        Sidewinder

4        Lynnette     Mike Cook

5        Peter and Bonny Rogers          Ohana

6        Robert Long                   Mimcat

7        Henry Brauer and Steve Madeira      Fleetwing

8        Mark Kryder        Scarlett BEE

8        Peter Horneffer     Beckon

10      Chris Hopkins      Watermark

11      Wells Bacon                   Antares

12      Andrew von Hirsch       Poppaea

13      David Rockefeller          Cybele


Northeast Harbor Fleet

International One Design Class

August Series

Saturday brought very light east wind at 5-7 knots with grey skies. A record number of 19 were on the line for racing. Everyone was pushing the starting line hard at the start off Gilpatrick Ledge with only one boat jumping out early and having to return. The first leg was interesting as the east breeze began to recede and those who were out in front kept the pressure longer and began to stretch on their competition. A couple of boats sailed to the north of Bear Island while the remainder of the fleet stayed on the Sutton Island side of Bear.

After the turn at Mark I most boats were reaching quite hot angles to make their sails fill in whatever little breeze there was. Cygnet, sailed by Jean Burden, and Caribou, sailed by David Rockefeller, tried that same strategy of traveling to the north of Bear Island on the return trip.

The crew of Caribou had turned the top mark in 11th position and clawed their way all the way back to the top slipping by the other boats which were becalmed out in the middle of the Great Harbor. Courtney Jenkins in Eagle was side by side with Caribou but couldn’t quite hold the hard charging yellow boat back.

On Monday, for races 10 and 11 of the series, the Great Harbor resembled a skating rink with a perfectly glassy surface. There wasn’t even enough breeze to race into Somes Sound.

The flooding tide brought everyone in past Acadia Mountain where a 5-9 knot sea breeze formed between the mountains. The race course was set abeam of Hall Quarry with a windward mark off the south end of Sargeant Drive.

Firefly, Auriga, Silver Spray, and Magic Bus got there first, but the long run to Somesville allowed for a gigantic amount of lateral separation. Fred Ford in J’Ellie Bean kept favoring the west side of the snarling crowd and rode a streaky shift into the lead. Gambler was also rallying from a tough start and everyone could hear the hoofbeats of the black boat coming.

The Sound is as much like a lake as anywhere and the boats which usually catch more wind are often working an edge. The middle of the race course is very risky business. The fog was now pushing all the way up into the sound and turned the wind pressure down simultaneously. Sean Beaulieu led at the first turn on Aurora but the tight crowd just behind was suffocating his breeze. The action was very tight and perfect boat handling would eventually reward those who gybed, turned wide then tight, and who sailed without distraction and fast.

Fred Ford nosed out Peter Ill in Silver Spray on the finish line with Live Yankee, Aurora, and Auriga all finishing within 5 seconds of each other. J’Ellie Bean, Mischief and Live Yankee combined their efforts to host the final ‘Mojito Monday’ social at the Fleet after sailing.

Monday’s Race Committee included Elizabeth King, Campbell Herrington, Henry Gowen and Orion Wister.


Top 10 after 11 races

1        John Henry         Gambler

2        Peter Ill       Silver Spray

3        Tom Fremont Smith      Live Yankee

4        Gary Madeira       Auriga

5        David Rockefeller         Caribou

6        Mia Thompson    Freyja

7        Fred Ford   J’Ellie        Bean

8        Sean Beaulieu       Aurora

9        David Folger        Dakota

10      Ted Madara          Moewe


Northeast Harbor Fleet

94th Annual George Davenport

Hayward Cup Race, Aug. 14

Last Wednesday, a wonderful and cool summer day with the wind consistently out of the east, had eight competitors sailing for the Fleet’s most prized trophy.

Ned Johnston and Nate Ingebritson sailing the Luders 16 Domino with an MDI jib escaped early and nobody would come close to reeling them in.

The othe Luders finished behind them and the first IOD, Caribou, sailed by David Rockefeller was 14 minutes behind Domino.

The Freyja team handily won the best-dressed award for 2019.


Final results

1        Ned Johnston and Nate Ingebritson        Domino

2        Matthew Baird     Seawolf

3        Scott Hirsch                   Batty

4        David Rockefeller        Caribou

5        Mia Thompson    Freyja

6        Sean Beaulieu       Aurora

7        Andrew Dunbar   Piper

8        David Sugarman  Ripple


Southwest Harbor Fleet

Luders 16 August Series

A rainy start to the day Friday led to clearing skies and a light east wind of 5-8 knots. The tide began to ebb in the first race and got really ripping out by the second race.

All sailors were in tight competition throughout the racing but Domino stole the show. Their first steal was from MaryJane in the first race and then, they grasped victory from Freight Train to your love, Baby in the second race. Ned and his brother AC were all smiles after acing the fleet of very competitive sailors.


Top 10 after six races

1        Jim Fernald              Sea Bee

2        Wells Bacon                   Mary Jane

3        Henry Brauer       Slingshot

4        Ken Brookes        Sweet Chariot

5        Ned Johnston       Domino

6        Pancho Cole                   Voo Doo

7        Franny Charles    Seabiscuit

8        Scott Hirsch                   Batty

9        Alec Fisichella, Connor Ratcliff and Riley Donahue      Surprise

10      Bill Smith   Freight Train to Your Love, Baby

Southwest Harbor Fleet

Bullseye Class

August Series


Top 10 after four races

1        Charlie Hudson    Scotch Mist

2        Hollis Hirsch        Dirigo

3        Sam Lawrence      Alert

4        Mr. Lawrence       Don’t Know


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