Wells and Mary Bacon aboard Antares Friday in the August Cruise pursuit race. PHOTO COURTESY OF SUE CHARLES

Sailing Leaderboard

Northeast Harbor Fleet

August Cruise Pursuit Race

The weather on Thursday, Aug. 8, threw a wrench in the plans for a two-day cruise to Brooklin. But the cruising class boats, Luders and a few others rallied for a big day Friday with a long pursuit race followed by a celebration at the Rockefellers’ boat house.


Cruising Class

1        Ken Weg     Ranger

2        Mike Cook        Lynnette

3        David Rockefeller          Cybele

4        Ted Madara                   Flirt

5        Tom Rolfes          Sidewinder

6        Robert Long         Mimicat

7        Wells Bacon         Antares

8        Chris Hopkins      Watermark

9        Peter and Bonny Rogers          Ohana

10      David Conway     Stampede

11      Joe Weber        Dreadnought

12      Sasha Sakharov   Jack Tar II


Luders Class

1        Scott Hirsch                   Batty

2        Ned Johnston       Domino

3        Matthew Baird     Seawolf

4        John Parker                   Morning Star

5        Rick Wheeler        Ondine

6        David Folger        VooDoo

7        Bill Horner        Romp


Northeast Harbor Fleet, IOD Class

August Series for the Taormina Cup

Saturday brought shifty breezes as pop-up thunderstorms went north and south of the fleet.

The first race went from between Sutton Island and Bear Island to a windward mark just south of the entrance to Southwest Harbor.

Soon after rounding that mark, the wind backed into the south and all of the competitors’ spinnaker poles went to their headstays on a leg towards Seal Harbor.

The next windward leg went all the way out to the green can in the Western Way. It was an interesting beat as many boats favored the Cranberry Island shore (and some literally found it, too) as the tide was starting to flood.

Caribou, sailed by David Rockefeller, pushed Gambler hard but could not get by. A reach back to mark Q then, another reach to R between Sutton Island and Little Cranberry kept people off the rocks for a race to the finish. Gambler lead all the way around the course.

The second race was from Rice Point on Sutton Island up to mark D along the Manset shore. Freyja skippered by Mia Thompson got there first and jibed towards the leeward gate in command. On the second upwind leg the breeze went squirrely and started to puff from Southwest Harbor with a 25-degree change in direction. Gambler snatched the lead and held off the hard-charging Aurora with Sean Beaulieu at the helm.

It was an exciting spinnaker reach to a finish off Bear Island and the breeze completely evaporated within 10 minutes of everyone finishing.


Top 10 after six races

1        John Henry       Gambler

2        David Rockefeller      Caribou

3        Peter Ill       Silver Spray

4        Tom Fremont Smith      Live Yankee

5        Mia Thompson    Freyja

6        Gary Madeira       Auriga

7        David Folger        Dakota

8        Ted Madara          Moewe

9        Sean Beaulieu       Aurora

10      Nicholas Schoeder and Joe Kief        Puff


Southwest Harbor Fleet

Luders 16 August Series

Ned Johnston was back for race No.3 in the August series, and was first across the line, moving into 12th place in the series. Jim Fernald in Sea Bee took the bullet in the second race, while Henry Brauer finished second twice; he is now in the lead.


Top 10 after four races

1        Henry Brauer       Slingshot

2        Jim Fernald          Sea Bee

3        Wells Bacon         Mary Jane

4        Ken Brookes        Sweet Chariot

5        Franny Charles    Seabiscuit

6        Mattew Baird       Seawolf

7        Pancho Cole         Voo Doo

8        Alec Fisichella and Riley Donahue    Surprise

9        Scott Hirsch         Batty

10      Fred Ford   Watermellon


Northeast Harbor Fleet

Luders 16 Sunday Series

Ned Johnston and Jim Fernald each added a bullet this week, while Henry Brauer was runner-up in both racaes.


Top 10 after 10 races
1        Ned Johnston       Domino

2        Wells Bacon         MaryJane

3        David Folger        VooDoo

4        Scott Hirsch         Batty

5        Jim Fernald         Sea Bee

6        Henry Brauer       Sling Shot

7        Bill Smith   Freight Train to your Love

8        Pancho Cole         Dilli Gaff

9        Ken Brookes        Sweet Chariot

10      Bill Horner        Romp


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