Boats on opposite tacks during Saturday’s International One Design (IOD) fleet racing. PHOTO COURTESY OF SUE CHARLES

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Northeast Harbor Fleet

IOD class

July Series for the

Rockefeller Trophy

The cool Cranberry breeze from the left won the earlier part of the day Saturday, and all who trusted the warm breeze from the right early got flushed down the toilet. Freyja had some company on the first run from D back to Sutton and jibed into the warm rightie.

Woodie and Auriga powered away in the cool Cranberry breeze and that pressure pushed across the course in front of them to bring them back to the gates. Boats which sailed the rhumb line were stuck without any breeze.

The angle change was so severe that the second windward leg went out to Mark L with a very well-balanced beat as the tide had just begun to ebb.

This was the strongest breeze of the afternoon until the last beat of the last race. Woodie defended Cranberry hard and rode the lifts all the way out the Western Way to L. They had enough of a lead to not even be challenged on the long run to the finish. Auriga and Magic Bus were ready to pounce if anyone tripped.

In the second race the “leftie” burst back onto the race course with three minutes to go and the course was set up from Rice Point aiming up into the Manset shore at a windward gate.

Puff and Gambler owned the left with Puff crossing the crowd at the start.

The left was in and so hard that folks were fetching the top marks. But the right was twinkling and eventually everyone sailed into the wall. The crowd was snarling at the windward gate and most people turned left, except for boats which felt the rightie was here to stay.

Aurora rounded in fifth and, by turning right, had fresh breeze with nobody parked on their breeze for the entire run. “A windward gate provides a wonderful opportunity to get free air and have passing lanes.”

Aurora jabbed back and forth with Gambler on the last leg and finally had enough to have freedom to tack for the finish at the top gate. Woodie, sailed by Jack Roberts with his dad, John and Chris Hopkins crewing won the day.

On Monday, a first attempt to get a race off was postponed at the last minute in the light-air conditions.

The race committee tried again, setting a new course over closer to Southwest Harbor with a nice streak of breeze all along the Manset shoreline out to Seaview.

The tide was about to begin ebbing, but it was already ebbing along that entire coast line. Everyone went right.

Those who ventured out into the still-flooding current were banished. J’Ellie Bean had a remarkable comeback after being late for the start but immediately hitting the beach as soon as they could clear the committee boat’s anchor.

Moewe helmed by Alec Fisichella nailed the start and then tacked in as well. Moewe held the lead downwind and had carried pressure in their spinnaker all the way down to the gates set at Greening Island. About two-thirds of the way down the run the breeze really turned off and filled from the Cranberry shore. Aurora made big gains as they were already over there and rode the new breeze down to the leeward gate.

A new leg was set to Q and back and there was plenty of ripple on the water to move the boats along. However, as the fleet went upwind the sea began to glass over. There was no way to avoid sailing into the skating rink. Moewe won with a huge margin and then a zephyr eventually filled from the NW to bring the rest of the fleet home on a shortened course.

Final races in the July series are Monday, July 29. Each boat’s worst two scores may be discarded.


Top 10 after 10 races

1        John Henry Gambler

2        Alec Fisichella & MDICSC youth     Moewe

3        Mia Thompson    Freyja

4        Gary Madeira       Auriga

5        Rick Echard         Firefly

6        David Folger        Dakota

7        Sean Beaulieu       Aurora

8        Bill Dowling         Mischief

9        Jack Roberts        Woodie

10      Nicholas Schoeder         Puff


Northeast Harbor Fleet

Connie Madeira Pursuit Race

The annual Connie Madeira race Sunday was preceded by a beach clean-up (see related story) and picnic on Baker’s Island. Boats raced back to the Fleet from Baker’s.

A cold front was threatening, and the race committee required all competitors to wear lifejackets.

The race started in a southwest sea breeze for Dulcinea and Domino, but then a storm cell brushed over the starting area with rain and strong breeze for about 10 minutes.

This cold front flushed out the warm breeze and brought refreshing northwest air. What started as a spinnaker reach to East Bunker Ledge ended up to be a fetch. Another long fetch over to Manset and back to Glipatrick Cove made for an entirely upwind exercise. Those who reduced sail for the squall were left with too little for the upwind sail.

Domino, expertly sailed by Ned Johnston, weathered through the bursting downpour and held off the hard charging bigger boats: Ranger sailed by Ken Weg and Dreadnought skippered by Joe Weber. Both were less than a minute behind Domino at the finish line.


Final results

1        Domino      Ned Johnston

2        Ranger        Ken Weg

3        Dreadnought        Joe Weber

4        Antares       Wells Bacon

5        Fleetwing    Will Welles

6        Scarlett BEE        Mark Kryder

7        Lynnette     Mike Cook

8        Dulcinea     Mike Thompson

9        Ohana         Peter Rogers

10      Sidewinder  Tom Rolfes


Southwest Harbor Fleet

Luders class

July series

Friday’s Luders racing saw two very close races with multiple overlapped finishes. A southerly breeze brought the temperature on the water to the mid-60s while those on shore were battling the heat.

Ludicrous, helmed by Art Paine, won the day with dual aces but both races were extremely hard-fought.

With many boats pushing the starting line hard in the first race, nothing really got sorted out until the very finish line with inches separating Jim Fernald in SeaBee from Ludicrous.

The second race had Domino sailed by Ned Johnston take the early lead on the old-fashioned gold cup course after Slingshot won the start. Ludicrous rolled the white boat after the gybe mark turn by flying their jib and having their mast raked back a bit more. Both boats hit hard on each other but couldn’t break the head lock of Ludicrous.

Volunteer work on race committee included two mark boats setting courses to make things fun and fair.


Top 10 after six races

1        Ned Johnston       Domino

2        Otto Smith  Freight Train to Your Love, Baby

3        Art Paine    Ludicrous

4        Wells Bacon         Mary Jane

5        David Folger        VooDoo

6        Ken Brookes        Sweet Chariot

7        Jim Fernald Sea Bee

8        Bill Horner Romp

9        Rick Wheeler        Ondine

10      Matthew Baird     Seawolf



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