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Northeast Harbor Fleet

Luders 16 Sunday Series

July and August

Three boats came out on Sunday for Luders racing. A fresh west, southwest breeze at 8-12 knots made for ideal sailing conditions.

Bill and Gracyn Smith won all three races but it was very close racing on all legs of the courses.

Approaching thunderstorms cut short the racing short, but the small group held a fun after-race party at the Fleet House.


Standings after 3 races

1        Bill Smith   Freight Train to your Love

2        David Folger        VooDoo

3        Bill Horner Romp


Northeast Harbor Fleet

IOD Class

July Series for the Rockefeller Trophy

An unusual July cold front brought pressure out of Somes Sound and across the Great Harbor at 8-10 knots when the IODs gathered Monday.

The tide was ripping out in a hard ebb that dragged many of the lobster buoys underwater near the first mark.

A start area was set up just southeast of Greening Island. The green flasher at the mouth of the sound was the first mark followed by a very long run to Cranberry and back to mark S for a finish next to the anchorage at Gilpatrick Cove.

The breeze had some northerly licks and sailors who worked to the right not only got some velocity lifts but also found current relief.

Mischief and Auriga traded tacks up through the mooring field and entertained the folks at the swim club before making a dive out into the ebb to turn mark P. The long run to Cranberry felt like light wind as apparent wind diminished on the rigs. Lots of lateral separation made for some great opportunities for those boats which jibed on the lifts. Freyja, Firefly, and Gambler kept their breeze clear and made gains.

The right side paid again on the return trip to S where the course was shortened for a finish with John Henry’s Gambler taking the victory with Rick Echard’s Firefly and Gary Madeira’s Auriga close behind.

A running start was set up for the next race and the Little Cranberry youth team aboard Earl nailed the start perfectly.

Everyone else got off extremely well and about half way to Cranberry the sailors started working for an edge as turning a gate in the middle of a crowd was a recipe for asphyxiation.

Gambler, Freyja, J’Ellie Bean and Woodie got to Cranberry all together with the remainder of the fleet very close behind.

Working the pressure streaks and eventually working right as the race course narrowed near the finish line paid off for Mia Thompson’s Freyja grabbing the victory for the race and the day’s low point score, too. Moewe with the MDICSC sailing instructors and J’Ellie Bean and Woodie were very close behind and many boats crossed the line overlapped.

A social hosted by the Freyja and Cygnet teams was held at the Fleet House after sailing with most competitors in attendance.


Top 10 after 7 races

1        John Henry Gambler

2        Mia Thompson    Freyja

3        Alec Fisichella & MDICSC youth     Moewe

4        Gary Madeira       Auriga

5        Rick Echard                   Firefly

6        Nicholas Schoeder                   Puff

7        David Folger        Dakota

8        Bill Dowling         Mischief

9        Fred Ford   J’Ellie Bean

10      Syd Roberts Rockefeller                   Satin Doll


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