A group of Luders 16 sailboats in the Northeast Harbor and Southwest Harbor fleets shows off their colorful spinnakers during a race in the July Luders Series last Friday off of Manset. PHOTO COURTESY OF SUE CHARLES

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Northeast Harbor Fleet Luders 16-July Series

Fourteen boats came out to race last Friday, with Art Paine commanding his Ludicrous to a snake eyes day with two first-place finishes. Leading wire-to- wire in the second race, the Ludicrous team made it look easy.

The first race was an interesting one, with a warm land breeze coming off Manset that intermixed with a cooler breeze from Cranberry. Freight Train to Your Love Baby with Bill Smith and Missy Marron led at every turn, but got passed in the final 100 yards to the finish line.

With two races to go in the July Series, things are starting to get interesting in the Luders 16 Class.

Top 10 after five races: 1. Bill Smith, 2. Connor Ratcliff, 3. Alec Fisichella and Art Paine, 4. Jim Fernald, 5. Wells Bacon, 6. David Folger, 7. Ken Brookes, 8. Rick Wheeler, 9. Fred Ford, 10. Ned Johnston

Northeast Harbor Fleet IOD-July Series for the Rockefeller Trophy

The Beaulieus from Bernard had a stunning day and regained the lead in Aurora in the hotly contested July Series by winning the first race with a bullet and placing runner-up in the second race.

A dank east-northeast gradient breeze brought light rain over the Great Harbor Monday, while 14 boats came out to race. Nicholas Schoeder’s team on Puff also had a stunning day, finishing third in the first race and taking the bullet in the second afternoon race.

Top 10 after 13 races: 1. Sean Beaulieu, 2. Chad Thieken and John Henry, 3. Nicholas Schoeder, 4. John Roberts, 5. Steve Madeira, 6. Jean Burden, 7. Fred Ford, 8. David Schoeder, 9. Rick Echard, 10. Sydney Roberts Rockefeller

Great Harbor Dream Pursuit Race All Classes

1. Dave Perry, 2. Joe Weber, 3. Joe Kief, 4. Mike Cook, 5. Ken Weg, 6. Connor Ratcliff, 7. Mark Kryder, 8. Morgan Roberts, Helen Bernhard, Izzy Fletcher, 9. Tom Rolfes. 10. Jim Lloyd, 11. Chris Hopkins, 12. Auria Mauras, 13. Elliot Cohen, 14. Jean Beaulieu, 15. Rick Wheeler, 16. Wells Bacon, 17. Glenn Squires, 18. Bill Horner, 19. Scott Hirsch

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